What We Ate Today As A High Raw Vegan Family Travelling In Florida

Would you like to discover what we ate today as a high raw vegan family during our trip in Florida?

We’re here for a quick business + leisure trip and Florida welcomed us with glorious, warm sun.

Our daughter Elanie who is high raw vegan has been enjoying the organic shops and cafes we’ve been going to and all the “yummies” she’s been eating here (that’s what she calls them.)

So what do we eat when we travel on a high raw vegan meal plan?

The short answer is this: whole plant foods with lots of raw food options.

Let us show you it all in our video!

And here’s the longer answer …

We travel with our own high raw vegan food and also pack our food with us when traveling by plane.

We take fruits, nuts, seeds, smoothies and greens, depending on how far we have to travel.

Feeling your body receive all the healthy fruit sugars and hydration that it needs is just PERFECT!

As soon as we get to our hotel or apartment, we’re on the search for supermarkets or markets and we’ll either walk or drive there.

We like renting apartments because then you have your own kitchen where you can prepare your own high raw vegan food. We also take our blender with us.

When we go shopping, we look for fruit juices, pasteurized or fresh smoothies, and fresh produce.

The ripeness of fruit can be an issue when you travel as you often don’t have enough time to ripen it.

We eat a low-fat, high raw vegan, plant foods diet (and have been doing so for 10 years!), we prefer more carbs to more fat.

What do you eat when you travel?

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