Overcome Fatigue With Hormonal Imbalances: Thyroid, PCOS, Menopause

If you’re experiencing fatigue with hormonal imbalances, such as thyroid problems, PCOS or menopause – you know what it feels like.

Being exhausted before you even get up first thing in the morning, experiencing depression and anxiety, having aching muscles, feeling overwhelmed and struggling to deal with stress, having a low libido and just wanting to be left alone…

These are just some of the symptoms are clients experience when they feel fatigue with hormonal imbalances.

One of the most frustrating things about it all is that doctors don’t even understand “fatigue.” It doesn’t exist as a medical condition and because of that, most of them think that it doesn’t exist at all.

We’ve had a lot of clients who reported how their doctor told them that their fatigue was “just in their head” because their bloodwork looked fine.

Hormonal imbalances, such as PCOS, thyroid issues and painful menopause all come with their own symptoms – and one of those symptoms is fatigue.

Overcome Fatigue With Hormonal Imbalances

One of the first and major steps you need to take in your efforts to overcome fatigue with hormonal imbalances is to give yourself permission to prioritize yourself.

Busy work schedule, busy family life, social commitments, stressful life – there’s a lot to handle!

Yet, unless YOU take care of yourself, you won’t be able to experience the energy and health to perform at work, be there for your family and inspire your community.

So prioritizing your needs – the need to get help with changing your lifestyle, the need to lose weight and balance your hormones, the need to change your lifestyle plan and make the necessary shifts – health won’t manifest by itself.

The second step in overcoming fatigue with hormonal imbalances is going to be removing the root cause of your issues.

In the majority of cases, it’s to do with the diet (although I also talk about other causes in my video).

My adrenal fatigue clients do better when they keep their fat percentage at around 10% of their total daily calories, or less.

Restricting your diet of healthy, whole food carbohydrates, including fruits can lead to all manner of health issues.

It will negatively affect the health of your adrenal glands and hormones.

So we recommend you switching to a high-carb and low fat plant-based diet if you want to see big changes to your adrenal, hormonal and overall health.

Scientific studies prove that a low fat diet helps you prevent/reverse chronic disease and minimizes the intake of dietary factors implicated in several chronic diseases.

Watch this video to discover more:

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