Calories For Weight Loss: How To Work It Out

How many calories for weight loss should you eat?

This exact question no doubt has been asked countless times by many people seeking to lose their excess weight.

Using calorie calculators or weight loss calculators many ladies go on a restrictive calorie diet in an effort to lose their excess weight. We have all heard of dietary regimes, like weight watchers, for example.

While calories matter and less calories will result in weight loss, severely restricting your calories will lead you to losing control over your food, bingeing, and gaining the weight you lost back (and more on top.)

Yes, a calorie is a calorie or a unit of energy from whatever source it has come from.

What do I mean by this?

Well, the question you need to ask is what additional items if any come along with the calorie contained in the food?

Does it have any fiber with it?

What about vitamins and minerals, does it have any of these health promoting nutrients as well so you can work out the right amout of calories for weight loss?

Perhaps it’s devoid of any of these or has very little of them and so could be considered a junk food carb or a highly processed food (possibly a plant food as well) that is not really health-promoting.

Is it a carb calorie, a protein-calorie or fat calorie?

So as you can see there are a number of ways to look at a calorie.

So believing that you just have to look at simply the calories needed for weight loss is incorrect.

You need to look at the food that the calorie is coming from and decide if its going to help you with your health and weight loss or not.

So in my video, I go into exactly how you can achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss while enjoying what you eat.

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