Fish Oil – Why You Should Not Consume It And What To Do Instead

Many people believe that fish oil and fish oil supplements are great for their health.

But what if any truth is there to the supposed health benefits that are meant to come from fish oils like cod liver oil pills for example?

With the fish oil industry making billions of dollars every year by selling their products, it’s no real surprise that people typically hear only good things about fish oil supplements and pills.

Many people are also unaware that there are alternative ways to get the omega 3 fats that come from fish oils.

So let’s compare cod liver oil, for example, with some ground flax seeds, which are a good plant source of omega 3.

Both give you about 1.8g of omega 3 from 2 x teaspoons of the fish oil or 9 grams from the ground flax seeds.

The cod liver oil also contains cholesterol and vitamin A, plus some vitamin D. That’s basically it.

With the ground flax seeds though you will be getting some vitamins, some minerals, and, very importantly, as well fiber.

Fiber is completely missing from the fish oil. Add to this the fact that the ground flax seeds have around half the calories of the fish oil for the same amount of omega 3, then this food option makes even more sense for your health.

Any oil in truth whether it’s plant-derived or animal-derived – is highly processed and not something you want to consume.

Another big problem with fish oils is the contamination from industrial pollutants that include PCBs, the heavy metal mercury and pesticides that can still remain in the fish oil even after going through a cleaning processes like distillation, so this is obviously a large concern for people’s health.

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