The Common Thyroid Problems In Women Blood Tests Won’t Pick Up

One of the biggest thyroid problems in women amongst many others is the feeling of total exhaustion.

Let’s paint the picture here.

You go through perhaps a hypothyroidism symptoms checklist that you find online, which includes many different health problems including exhaustion.

You match many if not all of the hyperthyroidism symptoms or hypothyroidism symptoms described there and you decide there and then to have a thyroid symptoms test to check the health of your thyroid.

You book an appointment with your doctor and once there explain your symptoms and health issues to him or her and they order the tests which are for your T4 and TSH hormone levels.

In the meantime, you wait in anticipation, expecting them to find something wrong as you now know the common thyroid problems in women.

You are convinced that your thyroid gland is the root cause of your health issues.

Then you go back to your doctor and he or she gives you their verdict, that your blood tests are all within range and your thyroid health looks just fine.

You feel confused about your thyroid symptoms test results and even depressed.

You decide to not just let it finish here and instead you do further research online and discover the various different thyroid tests that you can have which can show you more about your thyroid health and which your doctor did not do for you.

You even learn that many women out there just like you have the exact same symptoms and even have similar blood test results that don’t seem to match with their symptoms of an unbalanced thyroid gland.

All this is the exact same scenario that happened to me a number of years ago and in this video, I will talk about exactly what I did to help myself overcome my thyroid symptoms and improve the health of my thyroid and in doing so take back control of my own health.

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