Autoimmune Disease Diet: The Problem With Grains For People With Hashimotos

An autoimmune disease diet is something more and more people are now looking to do so they can heal themselves naturally through their food choices.

In the US alone 23 million people now suffer from some type of autoimmune condition and of these 75% are women.

Whether you are looking to heal autoimmune thyroiditis or another autoimmune condition, it is very important to understand that diet can play a very large role in the development, severity, and even the potential healing of an autoimmune disease.

If you are personally suffering from an autoimmune disease then you may well have already done much searching on the topic about what an autoimmune disease is and how what you eat every day can impact it.

We have personally worked with many ladies over the years who have suffered from an autoimmune condition, including Hashimoto’s which is when your immune system attacks your thyroid gland.

We have seen time and again how even supposedly healthy foods can negatively impact an autoimmune condition.

It can be very confusing for someone who is unsure about what to do with their diet when they have an autoimmune disease and they wonder what kind of menu plan they should follow?

Do you try a paleo autoimmune diet, but then what about all the other negatives associated with animal food consumption?

What about plant foods, like grains that contain gluten?

Is it just people with a wheat allergy or celiac disease that need to avoid gluten or can grains that contain gluten also be problematic for people with other autoimmune conditions, including Hashimoto’s, for example?

What about someone who doesn’t have an autoimmune condition – are gluten-containing grains still ok to consume?

Should these kinds of grains be completely removed from the diet and what about other grains that don’t contain any gluten, are these still ok to have?

Well in this video I talk about grains and how they can affect your autoimmune condition and overall health.

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