What We Eat As A Family – High Raw Vegan With Recipes

What do we eat as a high raw vegan family of three to stay young, healthy, and active?

Many people are now realizing with the coronavirus situation that what they eat every day has a large impact on their health and quality of life.

As a family, we follow a whole food, high raw vegan lifestyle that is low in fat and has lots of nutritious raw plant foods in it like fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds.

The beauty of the high raw vegan lifestyle is that you can eat an abundance of whole plant foods no matter what age you are and still be at your healthy natural weight, so no dieting is needed.

Achieving overall health, including hormonal balance and a natural weight is not just something we achieve as a family of three, but also the many clients that we work with who do the same.

We show our typical day, with meals and delicious recipes in our video today.

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