How These Everyday Toxins Affect Your Thyroid

If you currently suffer with thyroid problems, or want to prevent them, then you definitely will need to exclude these popular toxins that can affect your thyroid and hormones.

I share more in my today’s video:

How These Everyday Toxins Affect Your Thyroid

One of the toxins that can affect your thyroid is fluoride.

Fluoride is found in many public water supplies and is added to supposedly help prevent tooth cavities.

Many types of toothpaste also contain fluoride, as well as drinks and medications.

The truth is that fluoride has been used in the pass to treat overactive thyroid issues called (hyperthyroidism) because of its ability to actually suppress thyroid function.

The problem then is that many people might be unwittingly suppressing their thyroid function through all these sources of fluoride.

A study in England discovered that areas that had fluoridated water supplies were linked to a 30 percent higher rate of under active thyroid. (1)

So make sure to find out if your water contains fluoride and if it does then find another clean source of water or get a filter to remove the fluoride.

Choose a toothpaste that is fluoride free, make sure that other drinks you have are fluoride free and if on any medications check to see if they contain fluoride as a filler ingredient.

The next on this list of toxins to be aware of is the mineral iodine.

If you know anything about thyroid disease, then you’ll know that it is a critical nutrient for thyroid health and in certain places in the world a deficiency of this element is the primary reason for hypothyroidism.

Yet, excess iodine can actually harm your thyroid and trigger Hashimoto’s.

Watch that video above to discover how these and other popular toxins affect your thyroid and what you can do about it!

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