How Your Gut Bacteria Rules Your Hormones

When most people deal with hormone imbalances, they normally try to deal with the symptoms themselves and not the root cause. What many people aren’t aware of is that their gut bacteria plays a crucial role in their body’s hormonal balance.

I talk more about this in my video today:

How your gut bacteria rules your hormones.

Gut bacteria plays a huge role in your health and it affects your:

  • Absorption of nutrients from the foods you eat
  • Metabolism
  • Immune system
  • Mood and behaviour

These bacteria also have a large role to play when it comes to our hormone levels because they can directly affect them.

These bacteria both produce hormones themselves and are affected by the hormones that our own bodies produce as well.

In fact, some of our gut bacteria have specific roles to play when it comes to regulating circulating estrogen levels in our bodies.

Estrogen plays a vital role in human health, including:

  • Cell replication
  • Reproduction
  • Fat deposition
  • Bone health
  • Cardiovascular health

Estrogen is made primarily by your ovaries.

It then circulates through your body to your uterus and breasts and other organs, until it reaches your liver where it’s inactivated.

Inactivated estrogen is then supposed to be excreted from by your body through your poop.

Yet, if your gut is out of balance, only some of the estrogen may be excreted from your body with the rest remaining to negativel;y affect your estrogen levels.

Now when the gut microbiome is balanced, then the microbes that affect the metabolism of estrogens should be working optimally.

They should be helping your body to maintain a healthy balance of these hormones.

However if your gut is out of balance then an excess of estrogen or even a deficiency can result.

Having excess estrogen in your body for example can have serious implications for your health, including:

  • Breast, cervical, endometrial and ovarian cancer
  • Endometriosis
  • Prostate cancer
  • PCOS

What causes gut imbalances?

Now if you have a hormonal imbalance or you have gut issues, then making sure that you are eating a healthy diet first and foremost is key.

But what if you are already eating a “healthy” diet?

A “healthy” diet is what many people think they are eating and we often see how people on supposedly “healthy” diets struggle with their health.

Apart from the diet, some of the other factors that influence your gut health include:

  • The use of antibiotics (currently or in the past)
  • Hormonal contraceptives
  • Toxins and heavy metals
  • Parasites
  • Emotional trauma

So when you’re working on balancing your hormonal health, start from your gut because your gut is super important when it comes to balancing your hormones.

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3 thoughts on “How Your Gut Bacteria Rules Your Hormones

  •   The Health Adventurer  |   

    Wow, I think I need to watch this a few times to really let this all sink in! Great information. It makes sense that our gut bacteria would affect our hormones and vice versa. When I stopped eating meat and dairy, my hormonal acne disappeared, and I always thought it was mainly due to the hormones in those products (even though I ate a lot of organic and hormone-free dairy). While I am sure that had a lot to do with it, it seems like the way it impacted my gut could have been a factor also. Of course the radical change in hormones from coming off birth control was the initial disruption of my hormonal imbalances, but I never healed until I went vegan. It’s always interesting as we keep learning about the human body and what affects our health!

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Indeed, birth control pills cause a lot of havoc to the hormones. Glad you’re off them!


    1st… I find that Root ginger helps destroy unwanted gut bacteria. Hot ginger tea is a great remedy

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