Gut Health Foods – Eat These Foods To Restore Your Digestive Health

Gut health foods what are they and what typically happens when someone suffers from gut problems.

Many people don’t know what gut health foods are and if they start suffering from gut problems they normally start changing what foods they eat.

Maybe you have gut issues and you firstly try limiting or avoiding certain foods, like gluten.

Yet, excluding gluten alone won’t fix gut health problems.

You can find that your gut problems persist and you have little or no idea about which gut health foods to eat and which gut health foods to avoid.

So you buy some supplements or visit the local pharmacy for some over the counter medication to help you with your problem and find out that this still does not really solve the problem.

Eventually, you go to the doctor, maybe get tested and then perhaps get prescribed some medications or even antibiotics.

Short term, this can improve things, however not over the long term.

Then you might try gut healing foods, superfoods for gut health, healthy gut diet plan, gut health recipes and gut health fermented foods in an effort to get to the root of your gut problems.

Gut Health Foods

If you are suffering from IBS, acid reflux, leaky gut, candida overgrowth or some other gut-related problems, then you know how debilitating having a gut problem can be.

Stomach pains, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gas, low energy levels, brain fog, low mood the list goes on …

I know the nightmare it can be from my own wife’s personal health problems and the many client’s we have worked with helping them heal their gut issues.

So it probably comes as no surprise to you that in order to keep your gut healthy, you need to eat a variety of gut health foods that promote a healthy gut balance.

As well as that, you also need to change your current diet and exclude the foods and lifestyle practices that can sabotage your digestive health.

Science is now showing us what are the best foods or diet for your gut health and what foods you should actively avoid.

A diet that includes lots of fatty foods, which often means lots of animal foods in it can have a negative influence on your gut health.

Discover more in our video.

A study in China followed around 200 adults for 6 months and found that those on the high-fat diet saw undesired changes in the type of bacteria in their gut and the substances that these bacteria were producing and which could promote inflammation in the body. (1)

In contrast, a review that was published in ‘Frontiers In Nutrition’ and noted that high-fiber vegan diets (which by definition means lots of plant foods) promote healthful and stable gut bacteria.

Increased intake of fiber and other plant components associated with plant-based diets increase the growth of beneficial bacteria that reduce inflammation and cardiovascular disease risk. Fiber also increases short-chain fatty acids linked to improved immunity and improved gut functioning. (2)

Watch my video above to discover more!

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