70+ Year Old Goes Plant Based, Experiences Weight Loss, Lowers Blood Pressure And Boosts Energy Levels

Can life begin again after 70? Yes it can!

Here’s the wonderful story of 72-year-old Betty from Tennessee, USA who with the help of her 2 daughters decided to do something about her declining health and go on a plant-based diet.

Like many people, Betty didn’t think that diet plays that big a role when it comes to overall health, vitality levels, and aging.

Thankfully for Betty, her 2 daughters knew about plant-based diets and plant-based foods and the many plant-based diet benefits like healthy plant-based protein that you can experience from eating a healthy plant foods diet.

Betty was a vegetarian for many years and thought that it was a healthy diet to follow, but this was not reflected in the health problems that she was experiencing.

Betty was initially skeptical about going plant-based and eating solely from a plant base foods list which included lots of raw fruits and vegetables, believing that it was probably not a diet that was doable for someone like her.

Yet, DESPITE all her fears and initial resistance, she still committed to the change.

At the beginning, Betty was suffering with:

  • Excess weight
  • Low energy levels
  • High blood pressure

She didn’t expect to experience the quick changes to her health that she experienced over the coming weeks and also how she would enjoy the new foods she was now eating.

Betty also learned how to balance her plant-based meal plan and her plant-based protein intake and many other nutrients as well.

So what exactly happened to Betty?

This is what she’s going to share in this video. Discover more here:

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