Hypothyroidism Weight Loss – How I Maintain My 120 lbs Weight

When I was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism, hypothyroidism weight loss became an issue for me.

Weight loss is typically a big problem for many women who suffer from an underactive thyroid or also known as hypothyroidism.

But it isn’t just weight gain that is an issue for women like me with a lower functioning thyroid.

Brain fog, muscle aches, and pains, constipation, mood issues are just some of the other hypothyroidism symptoms that you can suffer with and which I also had.

In fact, the level of fatigue many women experience with an underactive thyroid is almost beyond words, and I can vouch for how bad it is.

Hypothyroidism weight loss usually soon becomes an issue as well.

So you visit your doctor and they tell you that you have hypothyroidism and they put you straight on thyroid medications.

You may initially feel somewhat better, but then you notice that you are actually still struggling with your hypothyroidism symptoms, especially hypothyroidism weight loss.

Your energy levels are not what they were, your weight has started going up and your mood is much less than ideal.

At this stage, many women will start doing their own research in an effort to prevent the decline in their health and look at things like thyroid symptoms and cure, the best thyroid medication for weight loss, and hypothyroidism weight loss pills.

In many cases, they feel desperate.

Desperate to get their health back on track and they often feel just like I did, disappointed in what the medical system had to offer them.

Yet, thyroid symptoms, including hypothyroidism weight loss require the right plan to balance them – and the good news is that it can help reverse symptoms.

In this way, you can rebuild the health of your thyroid and even bring Hashimoto’s, the underlying cause of hypothyroidism for many women, under control.

How exactly do you achieve this?

Well, in this video I share my own personal story and the exact steps that allowed me to regain control of my own health, start thriving again and maintain my 120lbs in weight over the long term.

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