Low Sugar Diet Dangers For Hormones And Weight Loss

Low sugar diet, no sugar diet, low carb diet – there is so much of it online!

Keto, Low carb Paleo and Zero Carb promoters all say that a low sugar diet is the way to go.

Yet, is it, really?

Sugar consumption they will tell you is the cause of many health problems, including blood sugar problems, excess weight, and hormonal issues.

If you are struggling with balancing your hormones and losing excess weight, then a low sugar diet or even a sugar-free diet is something that you’ll probably come across.

There are so many high fat, low carb diet advocates out there who will tell you quite simply that sugar is bad – period.

They will tell you to follow a low sugar diet and try low sugar diet recipes to get the results that you desire like balanced hormones and achieve weight loss.

If you are in your perimenopause or menopause, then hormonal balance and weight loss are probably a big health concern for you.

Got high blood sugar problems? No problem! Try the low blood sugar diet or no sugar diet plan that by default means that they are very high in fat.

The only problem is the high-fat low-carb diet promoters won’t tell you the many downsides to following a low sugar diet.

We have witnessed it many times with our own clients who struggle with their weight and energy levels on a high-fat diet, only to feel renewed when they switch to a healthy high carb diet that has lots of healthy fruits in it.

Maybe you have followed something like a 30-day sugar-free diet in the past and experienced food cravings and the huge desire to eat carbs during that time – it’s tough … very tough!

But it’s not just the lack of carbs that cause food cravings which is a big problem but many more besides.

In fact, studies have shown that there is a slew of negative health changes that can happen in the body due to following a very high-fat diet that is by definition very low in carbs.

Make sure to watch my video to find out what the hidden health hazards are when it comes to eating a high-fat diet and what you should be doing instead for optimal hormones and healthy weight loss.

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