The Importance Of Calories On A Raw Food Diet

Let’s talk about calories on a raw food diet. A lot of people have this false belief that in order to be lean and healthy, you should eat tiny meals and always feel hungry.

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The importance of calories on a raw food diet.

Many people in our world have been programmed into thinking that you need to steer clear of eating large meals, otherwise they’ll lead to weight gain.

In fact, some people even boast that they eat very small meals and that this helps them keep in shape.

Now, on a standard western diet, for example, you can easily eat foods that are very calorie dense, like pizzas, burgers with fries, or candy bars.

Compare this to a diet that is an all raw or perhaps a high raw plant foods diet and you’ll discover that you can eat a lot more volume of food and still eat less calories.

If you do eat very small meals in an effort to stay slim, then you most probably will be eating significantly less calories than your body needs.

This can lead to problems when your body uses a lot more energy than you are giving it in the foods that you eat!

A too low calorie intake will lead to low energy levels and poor mind clarity, not to mention compromised state of your adrenal health.

And if you do this on a consistent basis then you will not only feel low in energy you can also lose too much weight, including muscle weight which is definitely not healthy to do.

Also, when you’re undereating on calories, you will be undereating on vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients that your body needs to maintain itself properly.

So in my video today I’m talking about the importance of calories on a raw food diet and some important aspects you need to know about it.

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So what are your thoughts on caloric density? Were you aware of it in the past and what will you do now to make sure you eat enough?

Post your comments below!

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7 thoughts on “The Importance Of Calories On A Raw Food Diet

  •   Dann 8A  |   

    Very interesting information. Thank you very much for doing this video.

  •   Burnice T  |   

    i agree because ive heard dr mcdougall say that carbs are so widely used in our body thats almost impossible to gain weight on low fat diet. thankyou for your video😘

  •   Cheryl Moore  |   

    Thank you for the info. I’m new to raw diet and struggling with feeling weak from not eating enough calories.

  •   darmy713  |   

    What about those of us that have a latex food allergy? That basically rules out all fruits besides berries. Do you have an advice on curing food allergies?

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      What are you currently eating and drinking? How long have you suffered with this allergy?

  •   Puck Askew  |   

    I know when I’m not eating enough on this diet because my energy will suddenly drop off before my normal meal time. It goes right back up once I have lunch or a snack. If I eat enough calories each meal, my energy stays even all day.

  •   Aimee Yiu  |   

    What is your thought on Chinese doctors’ disbelief on raw food as it is a yin-based diet?

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