Erica’s Menopause Relief From Hot Flashes And Weight With A Vegan Diet

When Erica came to work with us, she was looking for menopausal relief from hot flashes and other symptoms.

She had already been on what she thought was a healthy plant-based diet for many years, yet she still had a number of significant health issues to balance, including:

  • Hot flashes, preventing her from sleeping well at night
  • Joint pain
  • Eczema
  • Hormone-related migraines
  • Excess weight

Many women still think that looking for over the counter menopause relief is the best and the only real option for them.

But this is definitely not the case in our opinion and with our experience coaching hundreds of ladies over the years.

Erica had not been able to follow a consistent whole foods vegan diet for any length of time and so had struggled to find menopause relief from hot flashes and weight loss.

So when she came to work with Paul, she was yet to discover the true power of a consistent and balanced whole food plant-based lifestyle adopted specifically for menopause and menopause symptoms.

Paul and Erica worked on balancing lifestyle to help her with menopause, and specific strategies to overcome hot flashes, migraines, eczema and achieve natural menopause weight loss.

It wasn’t long before she began noticing changes in her health and gain real menopause relief.

She had struggled with her weight for 35 years yet experienced menopause weight loss by losing 10lbs in her 30 days of coaching.

All her life she had struggled with hormonal migraines, which would result in 5 days of being bedridden with pain and sickness every month and this continued into her menopause.

Well, the great news was that Erica managed to go through a whole month without any migraine attack and attained real menopause relief.

She lost 10 pounds of excess weight in just 30 days, which she had been struggling with for decades.

In addition to all this menopause relief, she also significantly improved her eczema, her hot flashes and joint pain had improved enormously.

If all this wasn’t enough Erica now feels much more confident and stable with her new vegan whole foods high raw eating plan.

Watch the interview to discover more!

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