Probiotics For Gut Health – Top Myths

If you have ever had a problem with your digestive health, then the chances are you would have come across the idea of using probiotics for gut health.

Most people think that probiotics are necessary for gut health, but is this actually correct?

Can probiotics supplements actually fail to work, or even make things worse?

There are a lot of myths surrounding the topic of probiotic benefits and what may be the best probiotics for gut health.

The problem is that even over one century later we still know only a relatively small amount when it comes to the complexity of the gut microbiome and how it affects our overall health.

The same goes for probiotics.

Most people will hear about probiotics benefits, but hardly if ever about probiotics side effects.

There has been plenty said about how many probiotics supplements can in fact be completely useless due to the live bacteria dying off before the consumer even gets to use them.

But what if people were given the exact same live probiotics and got very different results?

There was actually a study done where they gave all the healthy participants the exact same probiotics.

What they found was very surprising.

Some of the participant’s gut microbiome resisted the probiotics and they passed through without making any impact, while another group had their gut microbiome affected by the probiotics. (1)

So the conclusion was that depending on the individual, probiotics may or may not work.

In my video, I go through other studies regarding probiotics, what are prebiotic foods and dispel some of the myths surrounding this topic.

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