High Carb Diet For Weight Loss – What You Must Know

Low carb diet or high carb diet, which one do you choose when it comes to weight loss?

If you have ever looked into the topic of weight loss you will undoubtedly have heard all about how going on a low carb diet will help you lose your excess weight and keep it off long term.

You’ll hear all about the high carb foods to avoid and that sugar is plain bad for you period!

But what about the unwanted side effects that come from going on a high protein low carb diet?

I remember doing a high-fat diet many years ago in an effort to heal my candida overgrowth and it was a nightmare.

For example, a high-fat low-carb diet by definition removes a lot of fiber from your diet and this is a big problem.

We need plenty of fiber in our diet to feed the friendly gut microbes that help keep us healthy.

Fiber helps remove unwanted cholesterol from our bodies and also supports a healthy hormonal balance too.

High protein low carb diets and high fat low carb diets which are fundamentally the same slow your digestion down and can cause constipation.

We have worked with many ex-high fat diet followers and the story we hear again and again is; ‘ I never felt that good eating so much fat’ and ‘I was always constipated’ on the diet.

So whichever way you call the diet – a high protein low carb diet or a high-fat low carb diet or just plain low carb the results are basically the same.

You starve your body of fiber and all the many nutrients that you get from plant foods that include fruits and vegetables and yes sugar as well.

In this video, I talk about how restricting healthy carbs is a very big mistake and why you need healthy sugar for healthy weight loss as part of a healthy high-carb diet.

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