Raw Food Before And After Storie: Jesi Di Palo

In this raw food before and after story we interview Jesi Di Palo who follows a fruit based raw vegan lifestyle.

Jesi shares how her health has dramatically changed for the better on a low fat, raw vegan diet and how it has positively effected her life in so many ways.

She also shares with us what she eats during a typical day and gives advice for other people who are wanting to do this diet and lifestyle.

In this video you will also discover how Jessi:
– Saved herself $50,000 in medical bills
– Avoided surgery
– Achieved just under a 50lbs weight loss on a raw food diet
– Healed her asthma
– Healed her acid reflux
– Healed frequent sinus infections
– Got off all her medications
– Her weight loss before & after photos
– And more…

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20 thoughts on “Raw Food Before And After Storie: Jesi Di Palo

  •   raven raw  |   

    Wow! I am inspired!

  •   Plant Based Guerilla  |   

    Jesi is so vibrant, she shines health 🙂

  •   PETERARNOLD68  |   

    just great, she looks sooo happy and healthy. Tks for sharing!

  •   armadilo123  |   

    thank you for sharing Jesi! you are an inspiration!

  •   abjkl  |   

    Great interview – and Jesi gave REALLY HELPFUL details!!! Thanks to you both.

  •   Tasha Lee (Fruitful Healthy Living)  |   

    I LOVE JESI DI!!!! 🙂 She is such an inspiration to me. Thanks so much for interviewing her, Yulia–you were able to draw some great stuff out of her! Both of your smiles were making me smile too….you are both so beautiful and vibrant. Hugs! <3

  •   Susanelizabeth  |   

    Wonderful interview!

  •   Sorsha Morava  |   

    She should make a YouTube channel!

  •   RosineTheSoulHealer  |   

    A thousand likes! I loved it. 🙂

  •   Lynmarie Song Corbett  |   

    I could not stop smiling!! Beautiful! 🙂

  •   notthenutter  |   

    Something must be wrong if you need 10 to 12 hours sleep.

  •   Sherri Lynn  |   

    Jesi, you’re such an inspiration. So Vibrant and beautiful and genuine.

  •   Roser Sculd  |   

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  •   Glo Kate  |   

    +rawsomehealthy great video and what video editor do you use? Does she have a YouTube channel?


    Genesis1:29 This lifestyle was for us from the beginning. Next friends follow Jesus Christ.

  •   clearpathtofollw  |   

    was that a raw food fart at :026 lol

  •   Bak Awf  |   

    She had Candida! Fruit can heal that.

  •   menolarose  |   

    It was a fart at 00:26?

  •   John Bordonaro  |   

    Excellent interview, thank you both so much!

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