The Top 10 Exotic Fruits You Must Try

Having travelled the world and tasted some of the best fruits on the planet we thought it would be a great idea to give you our own personal top 10 favourite exotic fruits.

So without further ado let’s dive straight in to our top 10 exotic fruits and give you a taste of just how superbly delicious these 10 wondrous fruits can be.


No list of exotic fruits could ever be complete without the so called ‘King of Fruits’. Yes, the durian is revered by fruities around the world and its pungent yet aromatic smell gets fruits lovers swooning all over it, while other less fruit inclined souls often flee for their lives!

Many Asian hotels and public buildings, including public transport facilities, actually prohibit the eating or possession of durians on their property due to its pervasive smell.

We once (legally) kept some durians in our hotel room in Bangkok and were shocked one day to find our whole hotel floor filled with the smell of our durians …we quickly ate them and disposed of the evidence!

Lastly, but certainly not least, is its taste. We have tasted all sorts of flavors in a durain from super creamy and sweet like candy to slight bitterness and even coffee.

Words alone can never do justice to its rainbow of flavors, so you will just have to go and try a fresh tropical durian for yourself!


A common fruit in Asia, the jackfruit is actually the largest tree borne fruit there is. Inside its leathery thick skin you will find its many seeds, surrounded by delicious sweet tasting flesh.

Originating in India its flesh can be yellow or orange in colour and its taste has been described by some as being a combination of pineapple, mango, apple and banana all mix together.

Having eaten jackfruits in Thailand and the Philippines it is one of our favourites and a great staple fruit to have. 


The lychee fruit is predominantly found in Asia, though it is also to be found in southern Africa, Brazil and even California.

Ranging from approximately 1 inch in circumference up to around 2, its thin red skin, which is easily broken by using your finger nail reveals a translucent, juicy flesh that has a firm consistency and imparts a flavor, which is very slightly acidic and sweet in nature.


On our first trip to the Philippines we tried Murang in Davao city and it was superb. It’s a popular desert amongst the locals as it is available there all year round.

As it ripens it changes from a green to more yellowy colour and becomes so soft you can simply pull it apart with your fingers to reveal its white sweet smelling and sweet tasting flesh inside.

Champedak (Cempedak)

Coming from ever green trees that can grow up to some sixty or more feet in height, the champedak is another wonderful fruit that has a rich sweet flavor and aroma to it.

Similar to the jackfruit it tends to be even sweeter tasting and some say even has a hint of durian to it. Enough said.


There are many varieties of mangos and one of our favourites is Nam Dok Mai. Creamy yellow in colour these mangos will satisfy any sweet tooth and are so delicious you will always be left wanting more.

When we are in Thailand these are our number one mangos for sure.


The name of this fruit is derived from the Malay word for “hairy” and it describes the fruit very well.

We think it looks like some sort of sea creature ourselves with long hairy tentacles and even though it looks kind of funny, it tastes great.

Similar to the lychee, it has a more subtle flavor and its flesh has a hard jelly like consistency to it.


A favourite of Queen Victoria, this tasty fruit can be best described as sweet with a citrus edge to it and is very popular amongst fruit lovers.

Once ripe you can open the fruit with your hands to reveal the segmented fruit flesh inside. In fact opening this wonderful little fruit is almost as much fun as eating it.


Now grown all over the world the cherimoya is another fruit, where opening it with your bare hands is so much fun.

Once you have carefully parted its soft green skin with your fingers it reveals a soft fibrous, white flesh that covers its small black seeds.

Rich, creamy and sweet, add a few of them together and you will have enough for a very satisfying feast!

Dragon Fruit

Also known as the Pitaya, but usually referred to as dragon fruit, this fruit is simply amazing to look at. With a red, pink or yellow outer skin it contains a sweet tasting pulp that can be white, purple or red in colour and is full of tiny seeds.

When in Thailand Yulia loves to eat whole meals of dragon fruit and especially the ones with the purple coloured pulp that she finds sweeter than the white.

What are your favourite exotic fruits? Leave your comment below as we would love to know.

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