How My Eyes Changed On A Raw Food Vegan Diet

Today Yulia talks about how she improved her natural beauty through the use of a raw food vegan diet, which has allowed her body to detox itself.

You will discover:

– How Yulia got rid of the dark circles under her eyes after her raw food detox,
– Why she no longer suffers from puffy eyes,
– How her eyes became bigger and brighter,
– How she improved her natural beauty through a raw food diet,
– How a raw food detox can slow the aging process and save you money on botoxes and plastic surgery.

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81 thoughts on “How My Eyes Changed On A Raw Food Vegan Diet

  •   Courtnei Jennings  |   

    You look like a healthy beauty, and thats why I love raw vegan!

  •   OldVegan  |   

    Thank you for your very positive message.

  •   raven raw  |   

    Hi Yulia! Before switching to a high raw diet 2 years ago my eyes were green and I looked tired all the time. Now my eyes have a turquoise hue to them which I never had before and they seem to be more of a blue/green colour! They are also glowing and vibrant! I am stepping up to 100% in the new year so I’m really excited to see what happens to them then! Like you too, when I look in the mirror sometimes I cant believe how I look now. And I just feel so diffirent! Its great to hear your experience and you look fabulous 🙂

  •   FrootKat  |   

    Lovely video, you look gorgeous, all of you 8/1/1-ers are such babes, this has to be said!

  •   David Greenman  |   

    Another great video. Thank you so much ! What I have noticed since going to living foods is my body is smaller and lighter. I’ve lost mass. I’m lighter and at moments I feel transparent. I’m still 5’10” of course.but the body has a higher sensitivity in general, especially to negativity, dark people and toxic substances like smelling cigarettes or pot smoke or bbq smell and dead tissue being cooked. I find the sensitivity to be pleasant and also so natural as far as what to do, what to eat, how long to exercise. I still run daily as I have for many years, I’m 56 but I no longer wear a watch/chrono and I’ve switched to very minimal running shoes – Merrell bare foot trail gloves simply for some protection from the sidewalks and streets here in West Hills, Calif. My eyes have changed color. What is most interesting is the very high level of sensitivity, both mentally and emotionally as well as physically. Many friendships have ended. I would not be able to date a woman who wasn’t raw at least 80/20. I don’t mean this to appear in any way elitist because I don’t mean it that way, it’s simply the level of heightened sensitivity to everything and being near SAWD people, well…. they don’t smell good.I have witnessed how the many changed happen. The connection to the earth. The craving of natural settings and quietness in nature. Plus a general deeper loving connection with everything, yes even SAWD people in a sense because I understand and sense their discomfort with many things.Anyway, I love your videos and your channel ! Thank you so much for everything. If you both are ever in California I would love to meet you.Cheers,David

  •   Kristi Beth  |   

    This is very true!!! When ever I stick to high raw low fat for even just one week…. My entire face changes and my eyes look alive!!

  •   Kimberle Haswell  |   

    Hi Yulia, I have switched to about 90% raw for the last few months-still have dark circles under my eyes. I will give 100% a go to see if it will shift. How long before this changed for you?

  •   Da'Naisa Love  |   

    I did raw vegan last year for too months. since I have a fuller face I can look bloated and sad all of the time, but when I stared eating that way my eyes become more more present, my skin got rid of it’s blemishes, and my face didn’t have that tired bloated look. People were staring at me more than they ever did. I would say raw vegan makes me more attractive.

  •   Jake Brittain  |   

    Great video. I’m going raw the day after x-mass. great channel!

  •   Marina Grubic  |   

    Looking great! It seems that Thai climate works well for u! 🙂

  •   -Deborah Blair, MS, Ph.D-Healing Into Authenticity  |   

    Thank you again for a great, informative and inspirational video! A pure raw foods, low fat diet, exercise and healthy attitude – and helping others to care for themselves – brings quality of life in many areas! Keep sharing!!!! We can bring a loving, joyful world when we work to share with others and inspire!!!

  •   Brianna Leigh  |   

    My eyes were green orange and are turning blue. In iridology, there is no green eye, only blue and brown. Any discolorations, ect are body weaknesses or toxins. When you go on a high water content fruitarian diet, your body is able to clean these toxins out, resulting in your true eye color.

  •   FreakyFruity  |   

    nice video:)

  •   michael sather  |   

    show some before and after pics of your eyes… fullyrawkrirtina showed proof of her eyes changing color.. if u can thatd be great..

  •   LREEN2  |   

    I haven’t been working out as much as I should and I notice my eyes are def. darker underneath. Another hint I should, I NEVER have body odor until few days ago my left armpit … was funky! AHHHHH .. it was so strange lol. Def need to sweat it out! 🙂

  •   abjkl  |   

    Hi Yulia – thank you for your videos. They are great, and I really appreciate them.For those that don’t live in the tropics and not around ripe fruit, do you think bananas /dates provide enough variety? Or, would you recommend to do frozen mangoes and berries? (frozen, not fresh though; frozen is more available) Thanks for any reply.

  •   Antoine Paris  |   


  •   poetessoftragedies28  |   

    Hello. I’m currently a meat eater and interesting on going on a raw vegan diet. Any recommendations of getting started? And sources I can take the amount of protein, calcium and B12 needed.

  •   Sherri Lynn  |   

    Can you and Paul please make a video about what kind of B-12 supplements you take? Are you getting it injected?

  •   Sherri Lynn  |   

    Why did you decide to start taking b-12? We’re you deficient?

  •   Sita Yoga  |   

    U have great eyes, would love to c the pics that your mother talked to u about to c the difference,.

  •   vale cross  |   

    My eyes are light brown I become raw vegan 3 years ago I notice the whites of my eyes turn really white y use to have red vessels !!! But the color of my eyes state the same I think they are darker !!!!

  •   dearsuman1  |   

    To people who want to get thinner some day, Go Google Fat Blast Formula and get started.

  •   Kapur Sah  |   

    To people who want to get skinnier some day, Go Google Fat Blast Factor and get started.

  •   Teapata X  |   

    You are glowing. This is why I decided to go low fat raw vegan. The people look far better than regular raw vegans. I always say to people that you all have “a light in your eyes”. Also I am still super sick on a regular raw diet so I have nothing to lose. As far as what people say about live blood microscopy creating more fungal growth as well as hippocrates institute seeing cancer grow when the patient is given fructose are concerned, I don’t doubt these things are true and I don’t think Doug Graham’s explanation: fat creating insulin resistance and therefore higher blood sugar which leads to fungal growth, is sufficient. I think the fruit might also be tolerated in low fat raw vegans because the body is more alkaline and with all those antioxidants the immune system is stronger. Anyway, while there are these concerns, the evidence against extra fat is overwhelming and could fill a library, so in comparison the problems with fruit are paltry.

  •   Raaz Dhakal  |   

    It would be a shame if you did not shed fat when other people accomplish it so easily using Fat Blast Factor (Google it).

  •   nanatwiggy  |   

    The founder of Body Electronics, Dr. John Ray, says an all-raw diet is included in an energy-based and spiritual healing system in which some advocates have been observed to develop certain changes in eye color. However, there is no evidence to prove these claims. They say there is an overlaying discoloration caused by the toxins on the tissues in the iris, which can serve as a curtain-like cover that makes the iris look darker. No statements done by this private agency have been evaluated by the Department of Health and Human Services.…/244965-eye-color-change…/…Note that if your adult eye color changes pretty dramatically, or if one eye changes from brown to green or blue to brown (called heterochromia), it’s important to see your eye doctor. Eye color changes can be a warning sign of certain diseases, such as Fuch’s heterochromic iridocyclitis, Horner’s syndrome or pigmentary glaucoma. am sure I can find more.

  •   scream11234  |   

    hi want to start on a raw diet cause i have dark eyes and feel tired all the time, what do you have to eat could you pls let me know

  •   MexiQ ri  |   

    I’ve been Vegan now for 3 1/2 weeks! My body has gotten leaner I can see my abs now no problem! And my legs are more lean and I notice allot of girls checking me out now! Like way hotter girls than. Ever before! My friends said my skin glows now my face! Proberly all the fruit has done that to me! I never ate fruit and vegetables before, so this has been a big change, but so far I’ve been experiencing some awesome stuff! My eyes I don’t know! Would have to look at older pics of me! I can think allot better now as well! Good luck on your Vegan journey, Namaste!

  •   Dylann Marie  |   

    Thanks for sharing!

  •   Coro Carl  |   

    Hi Yulia..this is very interesting :). Do you have a “before-after” pic to show the difference of your eyes? That would be great. Thank you!

  •   SouthHemiTV2  |   

    i have a question for vegans here. Where do you get your Vitamin B12? I read that sea vegetables do not have the active form of of B12.

    •   Breanna Verlinda  |   

      A FEW THINGS TO ADDRESS.(I’d tag more people if I could). KEEP IN MIND IM VEGETARIAN, but this is my 2nd day raw vegan.
      ➡THE LIVER can store Vitamin B12 for 3-5 years. If you want a vegan source of reliable B12, take a supplement every few days.
      ➡PROTEIN on a raw vegan diet ISNT HARD and our body doesn’t need excessive amounts unlike what the SAD reports. reported an intake of 46g of protein yesterday in my diet: I ate quinoa, kale, lettuce, Brussels sprouts, a tomato, a bell pepper, hemp and flax seeds, hemp milk and more- intake of over 1600 calories total
      ➡CALCIUM isn’t a problem consuming kale and hemp milk for me and other veggies. reported I took 105% in calcium. I also take a multivitamin

      Simply researching online for a few min. can answer your questions. That’s what I did. Be informed.

  •   Vegan Active  |   

    Thank you for sharing! This is amazing 🙂


    Do you help people to start the raw journey. I have a limited amount of money but I am eager to learn and live a more healthy life

  •   Nurse from Upstate NY  |   

    Your facial expressions and body language “cannot lie”….You’re for real.Love to speak to you and Peter about a “fruit challenge” that isn’t appropriate to speak here about….get in touch with me.Thanks,Frank

  •   Alex Munoz  |   

    Am setting up a webpage and i would like to use your video to get the message out. As well if you ever make a product i’ll send customers to you.

  •   BotoxManchester  |   

    just what i was looking for, thank you

  •   Alexandra T  |   

    Wow! I didn’t know you are from Moscow! Mi s toboi zemlyaki! Thank you very much for all your work in inspiration. I have been following you and Paul since the beginning of this year when I started my adventure with raw food.

  •   ThePeacemakernow  |   

    oh wow I was watching 30banana and durian. Headache.Much more relaxed here ^^

  •   topayo  |   

    you must be a walking compost

  •   raysofgreys  |   

    No before & after pics? Bummed… Wonder if baggy eyes would also clear up? Nothing worse than those stubborn bags! 🙁

  •   nicole l  |   

    Wow I’m going to eat more raw food

  •   Jasmyne Amy Kayser  |   

    Yes! Radiant eye color. Go brighter with chelation therapy…plus the “brooms”, of course…like activated charcoal zeolite clay sulfur rich foods and high pH waters! Dr. Morse has created lovely videos on the subject.

  •   Chris ven  |   

    People just want colored eyes because its put on a pedestal by society. I can care less about eye color Im just trying to be healthy

  •   aliza day  |   

    So what colour were they and what colour are they now?

  •   autoparts321  |   

    Its a shame you were STANDING SO FAR FROM THE CAMERA…. cannot see your
    eyes for ourselves… oh well…

  •   Helen Jennings  |   

    funny! The advertisement at the start was for bacon. ha!

  •   jburckhardt  |   

    i was expecting to see the pictures 😕

  •   Jessi Hall  |   

    I have been transitioning to a raw vegan lifestyle for over a year now.
    Yesterday I went on a hike with three other girls. After the hike (where we
    all sweat a lot), the other girls were putting on makeup to go out for
    dinner and I didn’t feel the need to. One girl actually complimented my
    complexion. I’ve dealt with acne for over 10 years and now I experience
    very few breakouts and feel confident with my bare face. It was an
    eye-opening thing to be complimented on my skin, something that I was so
    self-conscious of for years.

  •   ShanBlogz  |   

    That may worked for you but, eating raw foods is not good for you. The
    blood is combining with your blood and its not good. In raw food is
    parasites and i will NEVER try raw foods. But you didnt have to eat raw to
    change your eyes…

  •   Janelle E-S  |   

    How can u make these claims, specifically mention that u have pics, then
    show no proof?? If this was a 10 second video with just before and after
    pics, it would’ve been much more powerful and effective than the route
    chosen. For anyone who wants to see proof of the eye thing before and
    after, check out fullyrawkristina

  •   Sevipants19  |   

    This is true. I have seen it for myself. The light greens eye I was born
    with are peeking through more and more over time.

  •   sng _98  |   

    Have you ever heard of ordinary folks shedding weight–and enjoying 3 full
    scrumptious meals at the same time? Just Google Skinnimaker System to
    discover more.

  •   Renata Goodley  |   

    I just started a raw vegan diet myself and a youtube channel uswell , and
    have to say i feel great. My other videos is featuring some random beauty
    tricks and so on, but the other day i just said to myself i would love to
    become a raw vegan myself. i did tried it before and have to say loved
    every bit of it so here i am browsing the net and looking for a tips and
    tricks on a raw vegan lifestyle and love your videos so much and you
    inspired me even more to become that raw vegan Goddess ha ha. Have a lovely
    day everybody.

  •   misshappynun  |   

    Yulia, where do you guys live? do you find the warmer climate helps with
    eating raw?


    Going raw make you go back to the blue or green that you were born with.:-)

  •   Aria Shell  |   

    Hi do your eyes go back to their original colour once you stop the raw diet

  •   Gretchen Hill  |   

    Hi hi! Have you checked out Burwan Super Diet Plan (do a search on google)?
    Ive read some amazing feedback about it and my cooworker told me they had
    amazing results with it.

  •   Song7561  |   

    When I eat raw fruit, I have to quickly run to the restroom. That makes it
    hard to do when I have a full-time job. Have you ever had this issue when
    became a raw food vegan? I would love to go raw, but I can’t if it makes me
    have to run to the restroom all of the time.

  •   Daniella Muldoon  |   

    That’s awesome!

  •   Michael Grady  |   

    People are often commenting how young I look. I definitely attribute it to
    eating clean, cleansing and keeping an active lifestyle.

    It’s pretty simple! Thanks for keeping the good word spreading :^)

  •   MsFancypants9  |   

    Fully Raw Kristina also commented on how her eye colour changed. But eye
    colour is genetically determined.. you have your recessive and dominant
    alleles and their interplay determines what eye colour you have.. Someone
    care to explain?

  •   Celestial Aurora  |   

    Is it possible for the eye color to change with a cooked vegan diet?

  •   jdstep97  |   

    I really wish you had shared some of the pictures, to show how much better
    you look now. I’m just at 3:40 but hope you mention your age? That always
    helps to bring your point home. I’m not 100% raw but am 100% vegan, and
    when I tell people I’m 47, they’re impressed. But I know us gals don’t
    usually like telling our age. Also, I will mention that my vision
    was better during a time when I was eating 100%. I ate 100% rate for
    almost six months. I stopped because I was trying to pay off a debt and
    eating beans and rice was cheaper than buy fresh produce everyday. Well, I
    finally paid down the debt, but now, ironically, I need to start saving up
    for the 2015 Woodstock Fruit Festival.

  •   virgorouge  |   

    I do an extremely high raw paleo or neolithic diet. I include raw free
    range eggs, or just the yolks, spirulina, raw fish, herring, and some
    sardines, wild smoked salmon..some raw grass fed cheese but mostly my diet
    is vegan…raw…I don’t look the same…my skin, eyes, vibrancy..and I
    exercise a lot…it is amazing…I tried a vegan diet for three months..I
    looked great…but it wasn’t raw, just aduki beans and kale….it had a
    total look healthy healthy.

  •   PeaceLoveHappiness  |   

    I don’t think this video and ones like it should be called “How My Eyes
    Changed on a Raw Vegan Diet” but rather “How My Eyes Changed When I Became
    Healthy and Cleansed My Body” or something of that sort. Once we begin
    taking care of ourselves and cleanse toxins from our body, of course
    positive changes are going to occur! I’m a raw foodie myself, I am just
    sharing my opinion. x)

  •   Arleen Jamison  |   

    I to became radient with a raw diet. Some people think u mean actually raw
    food. They don’t understand its fruits and veggies. Lo

  •   Sara Kahealhani  |   
  •   La Rosa Jolie  |   

    well i have been watching some of your vids this evening and you really
    have changed i can see it, and you look truely beautiful, and so pure. when
    you hardly eat seeds or oils as you said in one of your earlier vids, where
    do you get the 10/10 from in the diet ? that is what is interesting me. and
    nowadays it is only you in the vid, i would like to see Paul also, if he
    has changed to the good as much as you did ! ???? – thank you !

  •   choukidoc  |   

    Ceci n’a rien RIEN de scientifique…cessons de dire, d’affirmer, que les
    yeux changent de couleur parce que nous purifions le corps, c’est FAUX et
    une de mes amies en est un exemple criant puisqu’elle est passée d’une
    couleur marron à un joli VERT en seulement 5 mois de régime DUKAN!!!!

  •   Fiorella Marisol  |   

    My hair color is changing on a vegan lifestyle ( mostly raw). I’ve had
    black hair all my life now it’s turned to brown and turns light brown in
    the sunlight. I’ve been vegan for a little over two months now. But why is
    this happening?

  •   Quantum Chang  |   

    Changing from a diet full of meat and fat to a plant-based whole food diet
    relieves the kidneys and liver off a lot of metabolic toxins and hence you
    have no more water retention (puffiness) due to improved liver and kidney
    functions, thus a rejuvenated appearance is the inevitable result.

  •   BeachWasher  |   


  •   Rosebud Art Studio  |   

    My eyes changed I used to have to wear glasses couldn’t hardly see much ya
    know but then day by day my eyes started correcting themselves i was amazed
    they even straightened out because i had a crooked left eye or rather cock
    eye as i got picked on a lot at school. ha! i feel so bright and cheerful
    and i’m even noticing iv changed a lot in just a month!! i dont get short
    breathed anymore when walking my back straightened out a bit its just an
    amazing feeling iv been experiencing inside myself i love it. my eyes used
    to be murky green now theyv turned hazel with the murky green rim around my
    iris still land some brown splotches here and there!

  •   marcus olsson  |   

    Your eye do not change colour, what you did was detox your body and the
    layer of different colour on top of your reall eye colour to disappear and
    then you can see more of your true eye colour. Your eyes can show you what
    kind of condition you are in – that will manifest in different colour
    shades “on top of your real eye colour”. It is exacally like look at the
    sky. The sky is blue. When it is cloudy day you can’t see the blue sky. But
    behind the clouds it is still blue. If you want to know more check dr Morse
    I think he is the best Iridology. One more thing your eye can only be brown
    or blue. Sry guys that think you have green eyes you don’t 😀

  •   marcus olsson  |   

    This will explain everything about people think they change eye colours by
    Dr Morse;

  •   MsLindina  |   


  •   Sherace Francis  |   

    It’s actually so very true. I took a picture of myself today and I actually
    scared myself because my eyes were so bright. I didn’t even notice them
    because I wear my glasses all day until bedtime! It’s really odd, and my
    eyes have lightened a little, from nearly black, to a very dark brown. It’s
    fantastic, I can’t wait to see what else happens to my body!! I’ve been
    vegan now for only four months, but I’m really enjoying it! It’s amazing!

  •   Eagle Nebula  |   

    You are really charming, I don’t know lots of girls/women who have natural
    beauty like you and who resort to several cosmetics to look great.
    I will try it out since I have really dark and purple dark circles :d

  •   Lili Sz  |   

    It’s so true! I’ve been fruit based hclf vegan, only around 80% raw for
    just a month, and my eyes are no longer dull, they’re wide and sparkly, the
    way it only used to get when I was smiling.

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