Why You Should Not Eat Salt: Dr. Douglas Graham

This video with Dr. Douglas Graham who has been following a high fruit and low fat raw vegan diet for many years and who is the author of the ‘The 80/10/10 Diet’ book, talks about why you should avoid eating salt or adding salt to your food.

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19 thoughts on “Why You Should Not Eat Salt: Dr. Douglas Graham

  •   blondgirl81  |   

    Look at all those slim people!

  •   gertzadik  |   

    Without salt you will die.

    •   Jake  |   

      Without SODIUM you will die.. without salt, you will perfectly fine

  •   natureasintended  |   

    Doug Graham is looking awesome!

  •   Phil Griffiths  |   

    Whoa Dr Graham sure knows his stuff, I hope you have more videos with him 🙂

  •   gertzadik  |   

    Salt is sodium chloride (NaCl). Where do you think the body gets chlorine from in order to manufacture the hydrochloric acid in your stomach?

  •   Hansen  |   

    no salt, no life

  •   Marina  |   

    I can see my self in the audience! 🙂 Thank you for this reminder. Always nice to hear this explanation again.

  •   RosineTheSoulHealer  |   

    Ohhh this camera almost made me vomit.. :S

  •   Steph K  |   

    Even wild animals in nature seek for salt – sometimes migrating long distances for it. Salt has been one of the most treasured food item throughout human history. As he mentions, various hormones such as vasopressin, aldosterone, and ANH (atrial natriuretic peptide) make sure blood osmolarity is at its range. Considering how much potassium typical 811ners eat in a day, i actually think a pinch of salt would enhance their athletic performance.

  •   AwakeningTruth  |   

    this is total disinfo from doug presenting no scientific proofs whatsoever. saltiness is one of the basic human tastes. you dont die by eating too much salt. this is total nonsense. clearly doug graham has no idea of what he is talking about. he has no scientific knowledge whatsoever and he spreads disinfo .watch on youtube: “mcdougal – Go ahead – use a little salt if you want” and ” You Need More Salt” to learn the truth about salt and not this broscience . according to joel wallach people like doug should be put in jail cause many people died due to salt restricted diets. have some critical thinking and dont believe whatever this broscientist says… WITHOUT SALT YOU DIE.

  •   Abby Nurre  |   

    The axon maintains it’s negative charge through the sodium-potassium pump. The guy is correct that they are both positive, and they are both +1 charge. However, the negative charge is maintained because the Na+K+pump pumps out 3 sodium ions for every 2 potassium ions pumped inside. This results in more potassium inside and more sodium outside. The unequal ratio also results in the outside being positively charged compared to the negative interior (polarization).

  •   Billy Dee  |   

    TO LOSE WEIGHT and PREVENT WATER RETENTION: limit your fruit consumption to 600 cals at any one time if you are a woman or 1000 cals if you are a man. You can then have another 600 cals/1000cals of fruit every 3 to 4 hours. WHY? Fructose gets converted into glycogen IF the liver needs to be replenished, if the liver’s supply of glycogen is full, it will convert the fructose to triglycerides (FAT). Fortunately, the liver’s reserves are tapped first before muscle stores. Therefore, if you do not exceed your liver’s storage capacity (200 to 500 fructose calories depending on gender, metabolic health and fitness) or (400 to 1000 calories of fruit assuming 50% is fructose) plus your body’s burn rate,( 75 to 150 cal per hour again depending on gender, metabolic health and fitness) most fructose will NOT be turned to fat, but converted to glycogen. WARNING – so if you consume massive amounts of fruit in very short time beyond your liver”s storage and burn rate, your liver will convert it to FAT. I was consuming nearly 2000 cals in fruit( 1/2 watermelon and then 1200 cal smoothie) with in 90 mins and despite exercise and keeping my total cals near 3500, my weight plateaued and had water retention. As soon as I spread my fruit calories out, my water retention disappeared and my weight loss accelerated like crazy.

  •   Darja Kudrjavceva  |   

    how to increse sodium levels then ?

  •   Tere Robles  |   

    Traducciinnal,español,porfavor,no,se ingles

  •   MrFreeman012  |   

    But I thought aldosterone was a stress hormone? Lol, this guy’s an idiot

  •   alesis100  |   

    Stupid idiot!! You dont know what the fuck you are talking about you stupid
    hippie!! Stop misleading people. Salt is one of the most ESSENTIAL minerals
    you need to eat. The REFINED salt you buy is bad for you because all the
    essential minerals are removed in the proccessing. Natural unprocessed rock
    salt is very good for you. YOU WILL GET SICK AND DIE IF YOU DONT HAVE SALT
    You are a quack Dr. Douglas Graham who is misleading people. It is
    disturbing to see so many applaud and fall for this man’s quackery. He does
    not care for your health. The man is selling his book!!

  •   payman z  |   

    thanks to ray peat im not anymore mislead by vids like this.you do it for
    money!you mislead ppl,please dont do it

  •   Mundo LaE  |   

    His pinky tho

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