How To Tell When A Banana Is Ripe And Ready To Eat

Many people simply don’t know when a banana is properly ripe and ready to eat and so they don’t get the full enjoyment from this wonderful fruit.

In this video Paul explains a simple test that you can use for indicating when a banana is 100% ripe and ready to eat.

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10 thoughts on “How To Tell When A Banana Is Ripe And Ready To Eat

  •   gmanz5  |   

    you just spammed YOUTUBE WITH CRANK

  •   acajudi100  |   

    Thank you.When the fruit is soft and brown inside, does it have more sugar?

  •   Joana Santos  |   

    Hello to you two!I would like to take advantage that you are in Thailand and ask you to do a video (if possible) about good and beautiful places in Thailand and also nice markets.I will be going there in July and would like opinion of someone who knows the place.Thank you so much and have a great day!

  •   FrootKat  |   

    Awesome! 🙂 Thank you!

  •   Sparkles1979x  |   

    I have had terrible indigestion for a long time, never ever linking it to bananas and actually was beginning to worry! So helpful to know this info

  •   SchagnĂ© Venter  |   

    I usually wait until mine go all spotty and soft, then is know they’re ripe and yummy!

  •   Vegan Slacker  |   

    So when there are stringy like banana whatever you want to call them, this
    would be a sign of unripeness, as well as what seems to be a layer of the
    banana that comes off?

  •   Billy Ballsuck  |   

    my banana skills have leveled up.

  •   John Morgan  |   

    Thanks BUD!

  •   Nik Bates  |   

    You look so underweight

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