How Saturated Fat Can Ruin Your Hormones And Liver Health

High-fat diets like the Paleo and Keto diets typically contain large amounts of saturated fat, but is this type of fat beneficial for your hormonal health and liver health?

Apparently, on a high-fat diet, you will lose weight, you will feel more energy, balance your hormone levels, protect yourself from blood sugar problems because you’re eating little or no sugar and carbs.

They even tell you that you can protect yourself from liver problems like non-alcoholic liver disease because you eat much less or no sugar.

Eating a diet that’s high in fat will almost certainly mean consuming a large amount of what is called saturated fat.

So many people still believe that sugar consumption even from fruits can be a big factor in many different health problems, including hormonal imbalances in females and blood sugar problems, but is this true?

In fact, it has been found that saturated fat consumption can lead to what is called insulin resistance in the body which is when your body’s cells have more difficulty accepting the blood sugar that they need and this then causes blood sugar levels to rise and eventually leads over time to type 2 diabetes. (1)

So the saturated fat that is found in significant amounts in animal products like meat, dairy, and eggs can cause dysfunction in your body’s cells and so the hormone insulin begins to rise above its normal levels.

So definitely not what you want to eat if you desire to stay healthy and disease-free.

This is just one area where saturated fat unbalances your hormones and damages your body but there is more…

Researchers at the Imperial College of London carried out a study where they compared vegans with omnivores and to make it a fair comparison both groups had participants of slim build. (2)

Well, what they discovered was not good news for saturated fat and more importantly, your blood sugar levels and the health of your pancreas as these were both negatively affected in the study participants.

So what about foods bad for liver health or more specifically saturated fat?

Well, a small study but one with very interesting results looked at 14 lean and healthy participants and gave them a high-fat meal which contains around 50% of its content as saturated fat.

The study noted that: “Saturated fat ingestion rapidly increases fat storage in the liver and insulin resistance. This and other changes may contribute to the development of the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease”.

So in today’s video, I share with you why high-fat foods and in particularly saturated fats are damaging to your hormonal health and liver health.

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