Bone Broth: Why It Won’t Make Any Difference To Your Gut Health

Who hasn’t heard about bone broth and its supposed health benefits?

There are many claims made about bone broth, which range from supposedly improving and even rebalancing your gut health and hormones.

One claim is that it can improve your leaky gut … but is this even true?

As the name suggests bone broth is a broth or soup made from the bones of an animal whether it’s a chicken bone broth, beef bone broth or another type of animal meat bone broth.

To make a bone broth recipe, it requires of course the animal bones but also herbs and vegetables as these are what make it palatable.

Bone Broth Fad

Well, the bones in bone broth can have some nutrition in them like glutamine, for example.

It’s an amino acid and which has been shown to help with maintaining a healthy gut lining, but what about getting it from a healthy food source?

This is where vegetables come in.

There are many plant foods that contain glutamine and adding the herbs and vegetables to a bone broth is where the glutamine and many other healthy plant nutrients can be found.

In fact, having a good amount of veggies in a bone broth can easily give someone more calcium than the bones themselves!

Factor in contaminants like the heavy metal lead that’s been found in organic animal bones then it really is a no brainer to go for a straight-up vegetable soup and skip the bones.

So in today’s video, I share with you why bone broth is a poor way to heal your gut and why you’re much better off eating just the vegetables.

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