Sugar Addiction? Here’s How To Win The Battle …

Do you have a sugar addiction that causes you to lose control of your food choices?

We live in a world of sugar phobia. People constantly worry about their sugar intake and they go on sugar restrictive diets, such as Paleo or Keto.

They restrict their carbs and sugar to lose weight, to overcome hormonal imbalances, to cure their thyroid, to overcome adrenal fatigue – the list goes on and on.

Yet, you’re still addicted to sugar. And sugar addiction is actually a good thing.

In today’s video, I am going to reveal to you why your sweet tooth is both a natural and actually a great thing to have, for as long as you eat sugar from healthy foods.

You’ll discover why sugar plays an important part in helping you balance your hormones, releasing excess weight and feeling energetic.

Here’s where to watch it:

Why sugar addiction is natural and healthy

So a good place to begin is right at the beginning.

When you are born the first thing you want to do as a new born baby is go to your mothers breast and start feeding on her breast milk.

Mother’s breast milk contains some protein and lots of carbohydrates and fat.

It’s very sweet because it contains healthy, natural sugar. The main sugar is called lactose, which when broken down is turned into 2 other types of sugar called galactose and glucose.

There are high amounts of lactose in human breast milk, and interestingly the bigger an animal’s brain (in relation to body weight) and the more brain it has to grow, the more lactose there will be in the milk. (1)

Let’s look at some facts …

  • As soon as we are born we feed on our mother’s milk, which contains lots of sugar and by its very nature it is very sweet. So as the saying goes, as humans we have a natural sweet tooth, thanks to mother nature.
  • Our bodies run on glucose a simple sugar.
  • Our brains literally light up when we eat sweet foods. It tells us to eat more of them as the chemical dopamine is released, making you feel happier.
  • Our tongues have taste buds and some of these are setup for tasting sweet foods.
  • There is no other food that can give your body a quicker boost of energy than sugar because it is digested, absorbed and metabolized very quickly.

But sugar is bad for you, right? But why do you suffer from sugar addiction?

It’s true – highly processed sugary foods are bad for your health.

However, a plant that’s high in natural whole food carbohydrates is your superior form of nutrition.

This plan can help you:

  • Balance your hormones naturally
  • Reach and maintain a healthy weight
  • Fill your body with a vast array of health promoting nutrients
  • Allow you to eat lots of sweet things, but not overeat
  • Feel in better control of your food choices
  • Help make you feel energetic and clear of mind

Some science researchers believe that there could be up to 4,000 different phytonutrients in plant foods, which include antioxidants that are so important for your health, protecting you from disease and premature aging! (2)

So if you experience sugar addiction, there is a very good and natural reason why this is the case and you don’t need to stop eating it.

Discover more in my video!

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  1. Baby on Board: Understand Your Baby’s Needs in the First Twelve months
    By Dr Howard Chilton, IntegralDMS
  2. Tsao, Rong. Chemistry and Biochemistry of Dietary Polyphenols. Vol. 2, no. 12, 10 Dec. 2010. Accessed 19 Oct. 201

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