No Sugar Diet: The Top 5 Myths About Sugar

A no sugar diet seems to be the dream of many people and all of us have heard time and time again how sugar is bad for your health and the need to avoid sugary foods and drinks as much as possible.

Sugar will cause you to gain weight, it can cause blood sugar issues, even type 2 diabetes and you can suffer from things like candida – all from eating sugar.

Many people also believe that they should avoid all sugary foods if they have a disease like cancer because they have heard how sugar feeds cancer cells.

So there are a number of myths about sugar that people accept as being true when in fact they are false.

The unfortunate thing is that believing in these myths can seriously harm your health.

So what are these myths regarding sugar and the low sugar diet or no sugar diet plans that draw unsuspecting people towards being low carb low sugar?

Well, one of the common myths about sugar is that because it’s “sugar”, then it’s automatically bad for you no matter what source it comes from.

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about processed corn syrup, white sugar, or whole food sugar found in whole fruits.

Sugar is just plain bad for you!

No Sugar Diet

You know it’s kind of like saying all water is bad for you even though you can get healthy clean water from a freshwater spring and also water from a dirty, stagnant pond.

Of course, in this instance, it’s nowhere near the same quality of water and the same goes for sugar as well.

We must have water, of course, to stay alive and enough to be healthy and sugar is no different as our bodies run on glucose, including our brains and if we cut back on our sugar intake then negative things can begin to happen to our health.

There is a big difference between eating refined sugar that you’ll find in soda drinks, candy bars, processed syrups, etc, and those from whole fruits.

A meal of fruit provides you with a complete nutrient package.

It comes with its vitamins, minerals, fiber, natural sugars, and phytonutrients, including antioxidants, and all these work synergistically to help your body maintain optimal health and natural weight.

So watch the video to discover the other top myths regarding sugar that can cause you to make the wrong food choices and compromise your health.

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