Super Healthy Raw Vegan Children With Anne Osbourne

How do you raise super healthy raw vegan children?

Today I’m interviewing Anne Osbourne – a raw vegan and fruitarian for 20 years who has raised 2 healthy raw vegan children on this lifestyle.

Super healthy raw vegan children

Anne Osbourne will cover some of the key factors that raw vegan or vegan parents must be aware of if they want to raise healthy kids.

Here’s what she’ll cover:

  1. Her vegan vs raw vegan pregnancy and her recovery after giving birth on a raw vegan diet
  2. The growth and development of her own child, Cappi Osbourne
  3. Why raw vegan children can grow at a different rate
  4. One vital thing mothers need to be prepared to do if they want to have healthy raw vegan children
  5. And much more!

Anne Osbourne’s child Cappi has been raised on a 100% raw food diet and he is now 12 years old.

Cappi Osbourne

Anne talks about how Cappi Osbourne is full of energy and vitality on a diet of high quality fruit.

Are you raising raw vegan or vegan children? Post your thoughts and comments about this video below!

Visit Anne Osbourne’s website here.

How to raise raw vegan children

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2 thoughts on “Super Healthy Raw Vegan Children With Anne Osbourne

  •   Robert  |   

    Hi, loved your video as always.
    My wife Barbara (also a plant based nutritionist ) and I are raising two healthy vegan boys. Joel 10 ( vegan but likes his cooked food ) Devon 4 ( 80 % raw ) We are transitioning into a high fruit diet / mostly raw hclf. Hopefully one day we will all be fruitarian as I truely believe that is the best for us.

  •   Elena  |   

    Lovely video. Loved every bit of it

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