Top Tips For Ultra Healthy Raw Food Meals

A raw food diet doesn’t automatically equate to being a healthy one. So today I am going to dive into my top tips to help you eat healthy raw food meals.

How To Create Healthy Raw Food Meals

  1. Eat the foods you enjoy! There’s no need to eat that raw broccoli if you really don’t like it. So what you can do here is to make a list of all the fruits, veggies and nuts and seeds that you like and create recipes that include them.
  2. Get most of your calories from fruit and NOT fat. Many people believe that for as long as the fat that they eat comes from plants, they’re ok to eat it in any quantity. Well, this is actually incorrect because too much fat, even if it’s raw vegan fat from avocados, nuts and seeds, is going to lead to health issues. Candida, depression, weight gain and fatigue are just some of health problems resulting from having too much fat in your diet.
  3. Don’t rely on green juices. Of course green juices are good for you and they contain a lot of minerals. However, you can’t live on them because they lack in calories. You also need fiber, which is missing in green juices. So start from a green juice and go onto your main fruit meal, or even mix your green juice with your fruit smoothie.
  4. Include 1 big green smoothie in your menu every day. Green smoothies are what helped me transition to a raw food plan – they are healthy raw food meals to have, are satiating, great for minerals and very rich in many other nutrients. My favourite lunch time green smoothie is 800-1000g of bananas, 200-300g of lettuce and 1/2 tablespoon of pre-soaked chia seeds with some water. Really tasty, filling and nutritious!
  5.  Follow food combining rules. Now, in the video above I say that I don’t follow food combining to a T, for example, I have no problem with digesting a banana smoothie and small amount of seeds. However, my digestion is not happy if I mix acid fruit, like strawberries with bananas. To help you learn about food combining, I’ve included the food combining chart just underneath this blog, which you can download for FREE and start using right away.

The video above will go into a number of other tips to help you create ultra healthy raw food meals, so be sure to explore it.

What’s your strategy for creating healthy meals? Remember to post your comments below! 

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