Vegan, vegetarian or paleo? Interview with Dr. Michael Greger

Vegan, vegetarian or paleo? What’s best for your health? Today I am interviewing Dr. Michael Greger, M.D., and New York Times best seller with his new book, How Not To Die.

Vegan, vegetarian or paleo? Dr. Michael Greger 

Many people are now realizing that the standard western diet is failing them and are looking for healthier alternatives and are choosing meal plans such as vegan, vegetarian and paleo.

So what about …. Paleo?

If you want to look at what humans have been eating from an evolutionary standpoint then we have evolved from our last common great ape ancestor something around 20 million years ago.

So for 18 million years or about 90% of our evolution we would have been eating a 97% plant based diet.

Science has discovered that our ancient ancestors were eating a whopping 105g of fiber a day in their diet. So no way would we have relied upon meat to fuel us up. Our natural diet would have been made up with primarily fruits, soft greens, nuts, seeds, vegetables and other whole plant foods.

So what about …. vegetarian?

The largest study of vegetarians in history called: The Adventist Healthy Study 2, which looked at around 90,000 Californians, compared those who eat meat to – semi vegetarians or so called flexitarians and those who eat more meat on a weekly rather than daily basis.

Then Pesco vegetarians (no meat just fish) compared to vegetarians who ate no meat at all and then vegans who of course only eat plant foods.

Well with this study they noticed a step-wise progression of a drop in the risk factors for the leading killers such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and obesity the more people moved towards a plant-based diet.

So what about … vegan?

Well, the best available scientific evidence to date shows that the diet we should be eating as a species needs to be based upon whole, plant foods.

Check out our interview with Dr. Greger to discover his insights and the latest scientific evidence about what diet is the healthiest for you to eat!

Dr. Greger’s website:

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What are your thoughts on these 3 diets? Which diet do you follow?

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4 thoughts on “Vegan, vegetarian or paleo? Interview with Dr. Michael Greger

  •   britDarbyshire  |   

    I watch every video I can of Dr. Greger, thank you for this. Also, his book is awesome.

  •   Stuart Smart  |   

    Great interview, Dr. Greger is my favourite researcher. Of course it’s vegan. Mostly raw, all raw if one chooses to. Keep it up.

  •   SandyzSerious  |   

    He’s my favorite.

  •   Mango Mama  |   

    Here is expert testimony about evolution

    I believe our original diet was plants just as it states in the book of Genesis from the Bible. It wasn’t until after the flood that people first ate meat. Regardless, it’s obvious we are healthier and happier without it, and although we are allowed to eat it, we don’t have to, and it offers no benefit to do so

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