My Vegan Diet Mistakes And Lessons After 9 Years On Plant And Raw Foods

Vegan diet mistakes are something that many people make when eating whole foods, vegan and raw food diets.

I have been eating a fruit-based, high raw vegan diet for about 9 years now.

Even though I have been eating what is a very healthy diet and which has given me so many great health benefits, I still made lots of vegan diet mistakes that you can and need to avoid, and I’ve also learnt many lessons that can help you.

These popular vegan diet mistakes can compromise your healing and restoration on this lifestyle.

I talk about it in my video today.

Vegan diet mistakes

The first mistake many people make is not having the right mindset and it is one of the biggest things that will contribute to your success or lack of it on this lifestyle.

You will always face challenges in life and the same goes for this lifestyle as well.

But with the right mindset you see these challenges as opportunities to learn and grow rather than barriers to your progress.

Not getting enough calories on a vegan diet/raw food lifestyle are another very easy mistake to make.

As human beings, we are wired to eat calorie dense foods and you have to be aware of this on this lifestyle.

Whole plant foods, and especially raw foods are typically less dense in calories, so you have to eat more volume of food.

The next vegan diet mistake was not adapting this lifestyle to my own specific health needs.

When I came to raw foods, I had many health issues, from chronic fatigue and Candida through to hormonal imbalances and hypothyroidism.

I also discovered that I had Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, which is an autoimmune condition.

Although I’ve lowered my medication after switching to this diet and improved my condition a lot, 3 years into a fully raw vegan diet, my anti-bodies were still high.

Diet itself is a huge component of healing Hashimoto’s or other autoimmune conditions and hormonal imbalances, however there can be other causes of these conditions as well that need to be addressed, such as heavy metals, parasites and other gut issues.

So if you’re not seeing an improvement in your condition within 3 months of changing your diet and lifestyle, there may well be other root causes that you need to address.

I talk about these and other vegan diet mistakes in my video above, so check it out!

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3 thoughts on “My Vegan Diet Mistakes And Lessons After 9 Years On Plant And Raw Foods

  •   amaricella beni  |   

    i personally think that the biggest mistake that I & EVERYONE made switching from a standard american/wester diet to, organic plantbased high raw whole foods is not doing a proper detox and especially a parasite cleanse before, because 98% of the population has parasites which suck most of the nutrients from the food we are eating and they are also mostly the reason why people quit or have not the desired succes just by switching to this lifestyle. parasites are responsible for sooo many health issues everyone should do their own unbiased research and educate yourself. its made an unbelievably huge difference for me and i managed to heal my epilepsy and hashimotos disease (with all the accompaniing symptomps like severe hair loss, weight gain, constant fatigue, brain fog, severe anxiety and panic attacks, IBS, grand mal seizures, status epilepticus and so on…) which so many doctors around the world told me i have to live with until i die because there is no cure for these diseases, they just wanted me to take pharma drugs wich in the end did way more damage then they helped with the symptoms.
    so long story short: do your proper research on this topic! :)

  •   dacho1993  |   

    I’ve been following you for years now and from what you are saying, I can assume that you shifted your views a little bit away from natural medicine to functional medicine to some degree, which is great IMO. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing for a while. All of these aspects of health that you mentioned: leaky gut, autoimmune diseases, supplementation are neglected or completely demonized in natural medicine… I would really like to hear EXACTLY how you did it, because I know a lot of vegans that failed to cure their autoimmune diseases, and none of them that actually succeeded, even though their diet was perfect – HCLF raw, mostly raw, or mostly cooked whole food plant-based diet. What exactly did you do apart from the diet? Nice video, BTW! Keep up doing a great work! :)

  •   Susanelizabeth Turner  |   

    Excellent video! But you didn’t go into what you did differently because of your Hashimoto’s or thyroid disease. Can you share what you did different? Did you change your eating? What fruits and vegetables you ate?

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