A Vegan Diet Is The Worst For Adrenal Fatigue According To A Doctor

Adrenal fatigue affects many people and can cause many sufferers to struggle with this condition for literally years.

If you have ever suffered from adrenal fatigue or know someone close to you who has, then you’ll know exactly how debilitating it can be.

It can affect your everyday life, including your work and from the many people, we have worked with who have had adrenal fatigue we know how difficult it can be to cope with.

You have almost zero energy and everyday tasks that you did before with ease now become very difficult to do.

Now, there are many diets out there that are held up to be the ideal diet when it comes to helping people recover their health and the same goes for adrenal fatigue.

Paleo diet proponents for example are often very vocal when it comes to what health challenges their diet can supposedly heal and adrenal fatigue is no exception.

In fact, one doctor who promotes animal foods in his diet just recently wrote about how bad a vegan diet is for recovering from adrenal fatigue.

According to him, “a vegan diet is the worst diet for adrenal fatigue.”

Well, here are just a few example studies that show how a low-carb diet which typically means an animal foods diet can negatively affect your well-being, including energy levels and metabolism. 1,2,3,4

Knowing how much success we have had with helping clients over the years with their recovery from adrenal fatigue and many other health maladies with the aid of a high-carb vegan diet we wanted to challenge his comments.

In my video, I go through some of the key points he makes and give you our opinion, along with the science on why a vegan diet can actually be the very best one to help heal adrenal fatigue.

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