Weight Loss Before And After – What To Expect On Your Weight Loss Journey

You have seen all those weight loss before and after stories and you are committed to getting the same results for yourself.

With all the transformations due to vegan weight loss before and after and the delicious looking vegan weight loss meal plans you now want to make it your success.

Switching to a plant foods plan makes the most sense and dropping the highly processed foods and animal foods from your menu plan will not only help you lose your excess weight but also improve your overall health.

The truth is you can also do vegan the wrong way and not lose your excess weight and not gain optimal health.

For example, going high-fat vegan or eating lots of junky highly processed vegan foods will only harm your health.

This is where going high carb, low-fat vegan with whole-plant foods and with lots of raw fruits and vegetables will really enable you to attain great health on a whole foods vegan weight loss meal plan.

But what kinds of weight loss before and after changes can you expect?

Over the 9 years of us teaching people how to implement this diet and lifestyle, we have certainly witnessed many weight loss before and after stories, but in truth, this is just one aspect of the many changes we see clients experience.

For example when changing to this diet and lifestyle clients very typically experience increased energy levels and a change in their mood which is lifted and more consistent.

Water retention issues are resolved, inflammation begins to go down resulting in the elimination very often of painful and swollen joints and the need to take medications as well.

Hormones start to come into balance.

Discover more about the big changes that people experience through their weight loss and health restoration journey with us in our video.

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