25 Bananas A Day For 7 Years: What Happened To Us?

Back in 2009, we switched to a high fruit vegan diet that’s based on fruits, veggies and nuts and seeds. We started eating 25 bananas a day in between us, and oftentimes even more!


Because we not only wanted to improve our health, but we also wanted to positively contribute to animal welfare and the environment.

In our video today we talk about how eating (about) 25 bananas a day has changed us.

25 Bananas A Day For 7 Years

Did you know that Yohan Blake – famous Jamaican sprinter — eats at least 15 bananas a day?

And here are just some of the reasons why we have lots of bananas in our diet:

  1. They are a healthy whole food simple carbohydrate and very easy to digest!
  2. Have lots of vitamins, minerals as well as fiber and antioxidants
  3. Relatively cheap to buy
  4. Taste great and they are very satiating
  5. Easily available to buy in most places

Here’re some more interesting facts about bananas:

  • Banana plants are not trees; they are a type of herb.
  • Most species of banana plant originated in Southeast Asia.
  • A row of bananas is called a ‘hand’ and a single banana is called a ‘finger’.
  • Bananas contain around 75% water.
  • The most popular type of banana sold in stores is the Cavendish banana.

25 bananas a day for 7+ years!

Here are some interesting facts about our banana life …

25 bananas a day for 7 years equates to:

  • 9,125 bananas a year
  • About 64,000 bananas in 7 years
  • About 6.7 million calories from bananas over 7 years!
  • 7,552 kgs or 8.3 US tons or 16,649.31 pounds in weight!

So watch the video to learn what happened to us after eating all these bananas!

Now … have you gone bananas as well? How many do you eat a day? Post your comments below!

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  1. Bananas and kidney health
  2. Antioxidants
  3. Fiber and weigh loss

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6 thoughts on “25 Bananas A Day For 7 Years: What Happened To Us?

  •   Heal Nurture Transform  |   

    What fertility issues did you have? i’m 23 and when i was 16 i was diagnosed with early menopause

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Not being able to conceive, so this lifestyle balanced that!

  •   Brookie Perkins  |   

    I don’t know what to do! I’m a raw vegan and had 15 bananas in a day and got rllllly constipated. Yess I was drinking enough water and I wasn’t drinking w my food

  •   Loretta Wood  |   

    Too cute! You make my heart smile. Love the video. Oh, and of course, love bananas!

  •   G Vas  |   

    I love bananas too. my favorite kind are praying hand bananas.

  •   lisa gobb  |   

    Thank you so much for showing us just how simplify eating bananas can make you lose weight and healed your guts too.!!! Beautiful family ?❤️

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