Intuitive Eating vs Calorie Counting For Weight Loss: This Will Surprise You!

Should you practice intuitive eating or count your calories if you want to lose weight?

Is one approach better than the other?

Well this is what we are going to find out in today’s video!

It is possible to lose weight with intuitive eating and on a fruit based raw or high raw food diet, which has lots of water rich fruits in it.

In fact, weight loss happens effortlessly for many people on this lifestyle … but not everyone!

An interesting study was done which compared these two ways of eating and it found that at first intuitive eating worked well for weight loss but eventually ground to a halt, while those on a calorie controlled diet continued to lose weight. (1)

The problem with intuitive eating seems to be is that there are other factors that can influence how much someone actually eats.

One such example was a study where people were given bigger packages and plates to eat from and on average ate 31% more food.

Interestingly, nearly all of the people involved were certain that how much food they served and ate was not influenced by the size of the dinner plates that they had been given. (2)

It’s VERY easy to underestimate how many calories you’re eating on a daily basis if you eat intuitively.

Plus, there can be various reasons why someone feels the urge to eat (and the types of foods that they want to eat) – from true hunger through to boredom, stress, etc.

In the video above I talk about another interesting study that showed how people can over-eat on calories without realising it.

If you are struggling with weight loss, yet practice intuitive eating, then watching what you eat calorie-wise will definitely help you overcome the all too familiar weight plateau that many people can experience.




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3 thoughts on “Intuitive Eating vs Calorie Counting For Weight Loss: This Will Surprise You!

  •   Alicia Rodriguez-Murray  |   

    Another awesome video! I really enjoy watching your channel, it keeps me motivated

  •   Katie Carrus  |   

    Love this! Meaningful response to a complex and common problem. Thank you!

  •   Constance Lovejoy  |   

    It’s good 2 see raw vegans using diet trackers to not only count calories but also monitor nutrients & macronutrients ratios like LissaRawFoodRomance. Apps like Cronometer & MyFitnessPal make tracking simple, easy & fun😊

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