5 Surprising Foods To Stop Eating Immediately

Today you’ll discover 5 foods to stop eating in your diet.

These foods can negatively affect your health, promote cancer, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and hormone imbalances.

So if you’re eating any of these 5 foods on a day-to-day basis, what you’ll discover in this video will help you move towards better options.

5 Foods To Stop Eating Immediately

Now, what if I told you that the persistent skin issues that you are currently suffering with could be healed?

Or that really annoying excess weight that you have now and which just won’t budge no matter what you try, can actually be released with zero dieting or starvation?

Perhaps you are someone who suffers with a very serious health condition, like type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure?

Regardless what it is, your diet is the key component of your health (or lack of it).

So, lets take a look at the 5 foods to stop eating immediately … here we go!


Of course many people think that you should only have the so called healthiest of all oils – coconut and olive oil, and it should be virgin, organic, raw and cold pressed, etc…

The Mediterranean diet, for instance, is one where many people use it as an example to supposedly show how healthy olive oil is.

But if we look at the actual science it tells us a very different story.

Many vegetable oils are loaded with saturated fat and very unbalanced with their omega 6 to 3 ratio.

This alone can cause inflammation in your body and lead to disease.

Just the very fact that oils are 100% fat without any other nutrients in them, including no fiber, vitamins or minerals should be a warning of how unbalanced a food item they are.

Olive oil has actually been found to impair arterial function, which is not something you want if you desire a healthy heart and so have a low risk of heart disease. (1)

Coconut oil can raise your LDL cholesterol levels (also known as bad cholesterol), which raises the risk of heart disease. (2)

Palm oil and soybean oil have also been shown to be detrimental to arterial health, increasing your risk of heart disease. (3)

So in short, oils even raw or cold pressed ones should never be part of your diet if you desire good health, which of course includes having a healthy heart.


Consuming dairy products in your diet can lead to hormone imbalances.

For example, commercial cow’s milk contains large amounts of the hormones progesterone and estrogen.

This is a great concern when you understand that the human body makes its own hormones. Even very small amounts in the diet can alter the delicate hormonal balance of your body.

And this high hormonal intake from dairy also goes for animals that have not been given additional hormones.

Animals by themselves quite naturally produce lots of these hormones, which people then consume by having dairy products in their diet, like milk and cheese.

For example, data shows that men you consume milk absorb the estrogens in the milk that then have a significant impact on their testosterone levels. (4)

Indeed an array of studies have shown that the consumption of dairy products is a significant risk factor when it comes to diseases such as prostate cancer, testicular, ovarian, breast cancer and uterine cancer. (5,6)

If this in itself is not enough to mark dairy down as being unfit for human consumption then what about casein the main protein found in dairy?

Studies have shown that this protein promotes the growth of cancer with some studies even finding that the development of cancer can be controlled more by the levels of casein in the diet than by exposure to the underlying carcinogen itself. (7)

Additional reasons not to consume dairy include:

  • They contain antibiotic residues (8,9)
  • High concentrations of pesticides including DDT which is a known human carcinogen and which has already been banned, but still persists in the environment (10)
  • Increased risk of a number of immune related disorders including multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes (11, 12,13,14)
  • And dairy has also been associated with increased risk of bone fractures (15,16,17,18) which goes against the long held view by many that dairy is good for your bones
  • All these reasons to not consume dairy are by no means comprehensive, but still should be more than enough to convince you that finding alternatives to dairy is a very wise choice if you want to be healthy.


In a 14 study review researchers found that people who consumed the most eggs increased their risk of cardiovascular disease by 19%.

If those people already had diabetes then their risk of developing heart disease jumped by a huge 83%, with the increased consumption of eggs. (19)

The consumption of eggs is certainly a risk factor when it comes to cancer and the WHO found that after analysing data from 34 countries they found that eating eggs is associated with death from both rectal and colon cancers. (20)

Prostate cancer has also been linked to egg consumption.

It was found in a study funded by the National Institutes Of Health, that by consuming 2.5 eggs per week, men increased their risk for a deadly form of prostate cancer by a huge 81%. (21)

Egg consumption is also associated with diabetes.

A review of 14 studies which was published in the Journal of Atherosclerosis showed that people who consumed the largest amount of eggs increased their risk of diabetes by 68%. (22)


Now quite often when our clients come to work with us they still have fish, although they will also eat a lot of healthy plant and raw foods.

Significant amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol can be found in fish and which are known not to be good for promoting a healthy heart.

Now you will hear people say that you can get healthy omega 3s from fish, but you are in fact much better off getting these same healthy fats from whole plant foods, for instance flax seeds and chia seeds.

Just like other animal products, fish contains animal protein which is associated with increased levels of what is called IGF 1 in the human body.

The problem is that increased levels of this hormone from eating animal products is associated with an increased risk of developing cancer. (23,24, 25, 26, 27)

Another great concern with regards to fish consumption is pollutants and contaminants.

Heavy metals like mercury, pesticides like DDT and industrial toxins like PCBs have all been found in fish due to the contamination of their environment. (28)

Mercury is a heavy metal and a neuro-toxin which can actually cross the placenta barrier in pregnant women and cause damage to a fetus’s developing central nervous system. (29)

Processed vegan foods/ingredients

Now this is not a food item as such but more a group of unhealthy ingredients that can be found all too readily in many processed vegan foods.

It’s easy for people to make the mistake and think that by eating foods that are vegan that they are by default eating healthy foods, but this unfortunately is far from the truth.

Some of the other unhealthy vegan foods or ingredients that you need to avoid having in your diet for great health are:

  • Oils added to cakes, cookies, pizzas, dounuts, peanut butter, margarine, or added to a salad.
  • Added salt is another big problem and has been shown to cause high blood pressure and negatively affect arterial health and so promote the risk of heart disease. (30)
  • Processed sugar. It’s devoid of fiber, vitamins, minerals etc.. and another perfect example of this is high fructose corn syrup, which can be found added to may processed foods and drinks and of course is very unhealthy to consume.
  • Food additives (identified by E-numbers in Europe) are routinely added to processed foods, including processed vegan foods. It is well known how additives in foods can alter a child’s behaviour.

So now you know that you shouldn’t be eating these 5 foods in your diet you will most probably be thinking to yourself now: “OK, well, I will just remove them!”

But then you’re left with another problem – making sure that your diet is still well balanced and able to give your body exactly what it needs and assist you in natural healing.

So get started by downloading our FREE 3-Day Lean ‘N Clean menu plan by signing up below where you’ll discover balanced and nutritious meals that will support you in restoring your health.

So which of these 5 foods are you still eating and are you going to make changes to your diet now that you’ve seen this video?

Please post your comments below!

P.S. We didn’t talk about meat because most of our followers are already vegetarian, yet some still eat dairy, fish and eggs. Red meat is associated with serious health risks as well. Plant-powered is the future!

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    I enjoyed this thank you. Lots of fake news out there eh..

  •   Karin Avramzon  |   

    Thanks. What about ORGANIC “vegan-pasta” made of vegi-flours, like: Buckwheat, chickpeas, lentils…?

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      My question would be how processed are they? Do they contain the fiber? What if any other ingredients do they have? Eating them as the whole plant food is the ideal.

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    Can someone list the foods? I have no audio

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      Oils, Dairy, Eggs, Fish, and Proccessed Vegan Foods

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    Paul – do you or Yulia drink tea?

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      We don’t personally as lost the desire for them years ago. But some people do, even on raw diets.

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