What Happened To My Teeth 4 Years Into The 80/10/10 Raw Food Diet

Does a fruit based raw vegan diet lead to dental disasters if you have been on it for a long time? Is fruit bad for your teeth?

Both of us have been following the 80/10/10 diet for 4 years now and recently Yulia paid a visit to the dentist.

In this video, she talks about what the dentist told her about her teeth.

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42 thoughts on “What Happened To My Teeth 4 Years Into The 80/10/10 Raw Food Diet

  •   Sander Buruma  |   

    Hi Julia have you noticed a lot of difference in your state of being between conventional and organic fruit? Thanks for the video, my experience has been similar learning the hard way.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Not with regards to my teeth. Taste-wise I do notice ripe organic fruit always tastes soooo good!

  •   svetlanadimitrovska  |   

    Look forward to the next video with the dental routine!

  •   Raw Future  |   

    Do you brush your teeth?

  •   Sharleena Freeman  |   

    Great thank you, looking forward to the release of your new book!

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Yes, sure.

  •   y kim  |   

    i can’t wait to learn about your dental routine! my teeth is one of the biggest reasons i’m afraid of eating citrus (which has always helped with mood). strangely enough, pasteurized orange juice never hurt my teeth the way fresh juice does… i can’t wait for your vid 🙂

  •   vegandragonflies  |   

    So your not sharing what you have learned, that’s to bad. But con congratulations on yout new book anyways.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    I am sharing a lots of things that I have learnt in my videos and we will dive deeper into it in our new book.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Sure, we will post one soon.

  •   Rawnsameheartly  |   

    Irrelevant but i would like to ask someone about it.Does your face sweat a bit when you eat citrus fruit?Because mine does.Why is this?

  •   Hussein Obama  |   

    Obviously the huge advantage with Organic Fruit is No chemicals used on it or the soil, HOWEVER i have noticed alot of Organic fruit is vastly inferior as to quality and taste when compared with conventional grown fruit, esp Citrus

    Most Organic Oranges for example are SEEDLESS , which is an abomination and crime against Nature . ive yet to find a delicious Organic Orange with its natural seeds in tact

  •   Hussein Obama  |   

    my experience has been without exception that Conventional grown Seeded Oranges are vastly superior as to taste and Nutrient density than Organic Seedless ones .

    People mistakenly believe just because Fruit is ” organic ” that its superior in all respects , when in all reality many times its the Opposite .

    We need to Understand and teach People the role of Keeping the SEEDS with our Fruit, as nature intended

  •   Hussein Obama  |   

    in all honesty i have many different Outlets where i live to buy Organic Fruit, but Most of it is Seedless , which im very much against and have been studying and learning about.

    Seeded Fruit vs. Seedless Fruit is a topic that is almost Never discussed in 80 10 10 community , Yet it definitely should be . When Fruit is Bred and grown to be Seedless, its a CRIME against nature and inferior for our health !

  •   Hussein Obama  |   

    My stance is i absolutely Refuse to reward Organic Fruit growers with my hard earned money if they are gonna breed the Natural Seeds out of the Fruit , example Oranges, Grapes, Melons, Lemons etc .

    while obviously i dont like the idea of using Synthetic Chemicals on Fruit or its soil, i Always choose Conventional Seeded Fruit over Organic seedless varities .

    Seeded Fruit has more bio active Life force energy

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Interesting … never heard of that before. I am wondering if you are having a reaction to them? For some people citrus fruit can be problematic.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Seedless fruit is nothing to be afraid of. It can happen in wild nature sometimes.

  •   Hussein Obama  |   

    When Fruit is Purposely and intently bred and ” engineered ” by the grower or farmer to be Seedless, it is now obviously a comprised Un natural Fruit , and its a crime against nature and that fruit is Inferior to Fruits that have their natural seeds in Tact as nature intended .

    Seedless fruits are a type of ” genetic engineering ” that is harmful and we need to reject it and spend on our dollars wisely

  •   doramarie1984  |   

    some people are allergic to citrus

  •   MessageWarning  |   

    JESUS CHRIST will return, that’s for sure ! Start a personal relationship with JESUS CHRIST and you will be saved

  •   thehungryveg  |   

    Can’t wait to read your dental routine!

  •   E P  |   

    Acid + sugar = bad teeth

  •   Orlaith Madden  |   

    Oil pulling would be a good idea, pop some coconut oil in your mouth swish it around for twenty minutes atleast. Rinse your mouth afterwards with baking soda and water.

  •   Scratch Bar  |   

    I eat a low sugar (including fruit sugar) diet and I haven’t had a cavity in 40 years

  •   7667w3321  |   

    well,…14 years as a fruitarian made my teeth perfectly healthy especially my gums…and I brush and floss my teeth only once a day…

  •   More laure  |   

    If you want to lose weight fast, you should search google for Legion Fat Loss. That might help you get the body you deserve.

  •   Paula Isabel  |   

    I’m allergic to citrus

  •   valbona bergman  |   

    i am wondering how can this be the natural diet for humans when if it was not for toothbrush and all the things to maintain your dental hygiene you would be toothless…not to mention seasons and parts of the world where there is no fruit or long periods! is it natural living to have import ,export + toothbrush and dentists? sounds like a “no” to me! just my thoughts 🙂

  •   cranebeg  |   

    Fuck your $$$$ book just explain!

  •   Han Boetes  |   

    Ah, it’s a salespitch.

  •   LiberatedMind1  |   

    Shes so hot

  •   Brenda Ross  |   


  •   Gan Nyaan  |   

    I’m disappointed that we have to buy the book to find out a small piece of information… :s

  •   Chris Fowell  |   

    yeah don’t use commercial tooth paste that definitely sucks coconut oil

  •   hellokitty8404  |   

    I have cavities and chipped teeth and i really hate it. Will a raw food
    diet cure these problems?

  •   Rafael  |   

    Rinse mouth with water after consuming fruit
    Brush your teeth after “meals” (himalaya toothpaste is my favorite)
    Oil Pulling (mornings)

  •   Nicky Ramone  |   

    Raw food vegans are slowly starving while at the same time going slowly
    insane. They lack the minerals and fats that you need from nutrient dense
    animal foods and fat soluble vitamins. It is a cleansing diet at best –
    certainly not a nourishing one long term and certainly not one we evolved
    from. We are genetically geared to be omnivores. We did not get our large
    brains from eating fruit!

  •   ztarrfect  |   

    but did you teeth recover ? or just stayed the same. if your diet is right
    they should recover

  •   Lioness  |   

    Btw, you can re mineralized your teeth and heal cavities. No drilling

  •   Ben Francone  |   

    I bet my 12 year old brother could kick this dudes ass haha

  •   SicFyh  |   

    people who eat a traditional diet are immune to tooth decay, cleaning or
    not, look up Weston a price’s work.

  •   Tom Sawyer  |   

    The 80/10/10 is not a high protein diet.

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