How 2.5 y.o. Indigo/Crystal Child Made His Parents Stop Eating Meat

Crystal, Indigo and Rainbow Children are the new generation of children who have highly advanced abilities and are here to help advance our evolution as a human species.

In this video, Yulia shares a story about such a child who we met when we lived back in Brazil. This young Crystal/Indigo child made his parents discontinue eating meat when he was just 2.5 years old.

He has a very interesting philosophy and understanding from which we, adults, can learn from.

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20 thoughts on “How 2.5 y.o. Indigo/Crystal Child Made His Parents Stop Eating Meat

  •   Debbie Driver  |   


  •   Purrington Wiskerton  |   

    i dont understand clearly, what sad little guy about cooked food? 2:00 thx

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    He doesn’t want to eat it at all about 3 times a week because it is “too soggy” for him.

  •   Joy Sundari  |   

    Interesting,thanks Yulia! I wish i had done it when child…!!

  •   Harold Conner  |   

    Man has God given dominion over this planet. There is no such thing as reincarnation! The Bible states that it is appointed for man to live and then face judgement. Meat, cheese, sugar, etc.. are very acidic foods and should be eaten minimally. Obviously eating a plant based diet and gluten free grains and avoiding processed foods along with physical activity will promote health. But all this human getting eaten by someone in their next life is lame Hogwash! wake up people!

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Understand …. however we cannot change our past, only balance it here and now.

  •   mom2logan717  |   

    My youngest wont eat meat at all! We are new to lfrv lifestyle so my 4 year old struggles sometimes but for the most part he likes more veggies than fruit. I am a Christian and i truly believe that Eden was the BEST example of this lifestyle 🙂 thanks for your videos!

  •   LowFatRawRecipes  |   

    I ran a vegan dayhome for 12 years and had a child who’s parents weren’t vegetarian but who had refused to eat meat since infancy. Fascinating, to say the least. For me, it took reading “Fit for Life” after a diagnosis of Lupus (SLE) 26 years ago, before I became vegan. The seeds for my future as a vegan were planted years before when I met 2 vegetarian East Indian families during my adolescence. We never know who we might influence by living this healthy lifestyle – adults and children alike.

  •   bluesgirl84  |   

    wow, amazing story!

  •   pwwka999  |   

    we grow up being conditioned to eat meat and it is unnatural for a human being to eat meat imo but we have normalized this abnormality in our diet and lifestyle. It may have served its purpose thousands of years ago but no longer necessary today. The real diet of the human being as intended by nature is a 100% plant based diet . despite eating cooked meats for eons we still have the teeth and digestive system of a plant eater- not a carnivore ; not an omnivore. meats putrify inside our guts:fact

  •   pwwka999  |   

    this rotting leeches toxins into our bloodstream. these toxins come out our sweat and makes us stink far worse compared to vegans. chronic toxic blood leads to chronic inflamation which effects the entire body

  •   pymmer1  |   

    I refused to eat meat as a child as well. spent nearly my whole life as a vegetarian and for the past year ive been vegan. it truly is the best and healthiest lifestyle

  •   gurudream  |   

    I was raised vegetarian except my mom would still give me fish. When I was 5 I realized that fish were animals too and stopped eating them… I also made my mom stop eating seafood too!! I’ve been vegetarian my whole life, vegan for years, and now 811rv for 5 months. It feels like such a natural progression towards health and radiance. Thank you for your videos Yulia, I love hearing what you have to say! 🙂

  •   Rainbow Glue  |   

    Thank you so much for hearing the Crystal children’s message! It is sometimes frustrating for indigos and crystals etc. because this is common sense. Common sense doesn’t seem to be too common anymore.

  •   combine2442  |   

    I’m an indingo myself but even if all humans were vegetarian than we will be low on any sort of plant we eat because think about the pyramid if you take away the plants then the cows will hungry and will be killed off to extinction than the animals that prey on cows will also go to extinction because starvation but so vegetarian or not your not helping you should keep eating what you like that’s one of the reason why we were created for to complete the food chain aka pyramid you need all peaces-

  •   combine2442  |   

    Working equally to keep it going if one doesn’t then we all die

  •   Hal337  |   

    with kindness, advocate VEGANISM!SPEAK OUT!

  •   Hugo Gonzales  |   

    Um so what about the nuclear factories and all other factories that make things besides meat?, is turning vegan gonna help with that ?

  •   J.J. Hunter  |   

    I have 2 vegan children. They outshine ALL of the poor children fed the
    death of animal exploitation. Violence in… violence out.

  •   Warrior Angel  |   

    Warrior Angel

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