Adrenal Fatigue Recovery With 15lbs Weight Loss Before And After

Here’s a story about a driven and professional female, Lisabeth, who went through an amazing recovery from adrenal fatigue and shares her 15lbs weight loss before and after.

When Lisabeth came to work with us, she was experiencing severe adrenal fatigue.

She had been sick for 12 years and bedridden with adrenal fatigue for 1 year.

Every single aspect of her life was affected by it.

She was also overweight and experiencing joint and muscle aches.

Her mood was low and she wasn’t able to do many things in her life because of her chronic fatigue.

Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms

Just like many other people with adrenal fatigue, Lisabeth was also experiencing all the regular adrenal fatigue symptoms, including extreme fatigue, brain fog, hormone imbalances, sleep problems, reduced immune function, weight gain, and depression.

Having suffered from severe adrenal fatigue myself, I know exactly the kind of symptoms Lisabeth and many others like her experience.

The good news, however, is that it’s possible to balance your adrenal fatigue.

So today, Lisabeth shares her adrenal fatigue before and after.

But what exactly is adrenal fatigue?

Well, simply put it is a term used to indicate the depletion of a person’s adrenal glands or called another way adrenal insufficiency.

Now many people can make the mistake of thinking they can just take a few supplements and these will help them fix their adrenal fatigue.

The reality though is most often very different.

Taking adrenal fatigue supplements isn’t really going to help you properly address your adrenal fatigue.

Following an adrenal fatigue diet or a diet that helps your body heal from chronic fatigue is what you really need to do.

As well as suffering from adrenal fatigue, she also had excess weight to lose and aching muscles and joints to deal with which caused her to suffer from a low mood.

The first and most important step is with balancing your diet and lifestyle.

Lisabeth tried eating a vegan raw food diet before and she felt her best on it, so this time she wanted help with making it work for her and her health challenges.

As soon as we started working together, within just DAYS into her new lifestyle, Lisabeth felt an increase in her energy levels.

She also started to experience weight loss.

In addition to all this, Lisabeth was also able to drop her afternoon naps and start experiencing lots of energy throughout the whole day, which helped her run her family business with more energy.

Her sleep also improved and she is now able to get a full night’s rest on a regular basis.

Watch her interview and learn more about exactly what she did to restore her adrenal fatigue, aching muscles, and joints and lose 15 lbs of excess weight in just 8 weeks.

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