Candida Diet: Probiotics, Carbs, How Long A Candida Cleanse Takes

If you’re following a Candida diet, should you take probiotics?

How many carbs should you eat and how long will it take for you to restore Candida with a largely raw food diet plan?

We get a lot of questions from people looking to restore their Candida overgrow and do a Candida cleanse.

So today, we want to answer some of your questions.

You’ll often hear that it’s the anti-candida diet plan which is supposed to starve and kill candida and stop candida from continuing to overgrow.

Unfortunately, the large misunderstanding that so many people have is that to do a candida detox or candida cleanse you need to eliminate sugar from your menu plan.

This invariably means you will be eating lots of fat in place of the carbs and this in our experience is a big mistake with regards to your gut health and healing a candida overgrowth.

The high-fat anti-candida diet is supposed to heal candida which is a yeast infection and so eliminate the unwanted health issues that can go along with it like, brain fog, low energy levels, bloating, skin rashes, and more.

So when fruit candida is given to people as a candida treatment, meaning a plant foods menu plan with lots fruit, they are most often very surprised by this idea as they have been led to believe sugar feeds candida.

Yes, a menu plan that is filled with fruits and is a high-carb candida treatment that is perfect for treating a yeast infection such as candida and helping you overcome candida symptoms in a short amount of time.

Whether you use a raw food candida diet approach or high raw to help treat your candida overgrowth we can say for sure that from our own personal experience and working with hundreds of clients that it is the best way we know to heal your candida.

In today’s video, we answer some questions on how to treat candida, including probiotics, carbohydrates and how long it takes to balance a candida infection.

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