What We Ate High Raw Vegan I High Carb Body Update

We eat a high raw vegan diet and have been high carb and fruit-based for over 10 years now.

Yulia is in her late 30’s and her husband Paul has just turned 47 years old yet we still feel young and energetic eating a high raw vegan diet.

We don’t have to worry constantly about what we eat in case we start putting on weight as many people do especially as they reach middle age.

We eat an abundance of whole plant foods on a high raw vegan diet and don’t restrict how many calories or sugary carbs we eat and yet we don’t struggle with our weight.

So what’s the secret many people will ask to balancing your hormones, losing weight and keeping it off naturally while eating all the delicious food you care for?

Well, it’s something we have been teaching for many years now and we have helped literally hundreds of clients achieve outstanding results. People like Judy, Elisabeth, Hayley, Nancy, Brittney and many others.

Science is showing us that adopting a vegan diet that is low in fat and consists of whole plant foods is very beneficial for your health on so many levels and this can allow you to have the level of health and lifestyle that many people dream about.

A high raw vegan diet, fruit-based whole foods lifestyle is what has allowed us to enjoy the health and lifestyle that we do now and this is something we want to share with you too.

In our video today we are sharing with you what we ate while on vacation in Playa Del Carmen Mexico so we always enjoy the level of health and vitality that our lifestyle brings with it.

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One thought on “What We Ate High Raw Vegan I High Carb Body Update

  •   Julie  |   

    You look fantastic Yulia. I was just wondering why you are taking zinc drops. Do you feel that your zinc needs cannot be met through your food only?

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