The Complete Myth Of Breatharianism Exposed

Breatharianism – a much romanticised concept that you can live without any food or even water – attracts many people. Is it genuine or just a myth, and a potentially dangerous one?

In this video, Yulia exposes the illusion of breatharianism and reveals how one of the main proponents of breatharianism called Jasmuheen, failed, under close supervision, to demonstrate that she can live without food. You will also find out about our personal experiences of meeting breatharians and much more!

Do you know about breatherianism? Met any breatherians? Have your thoughts to share on this matter? Please post below!

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155 thoughts on “The Complete Myth Of Breatharianism Exposed

  •   Marwah Zagzoug  |   

    I am not a bear or a koala, I am a unicorn! I thrive on fruit!

    LOL but seriously through breatharianism seems downright dangerous and unnecessary. Air is not enough. Humans need to munch on fruits and veggies.

  •   Jason Kvestad  |   

    Excellent video as usual I agree completely!

  •   fruitfanatic33  |   

    I think this is your best video yet!!

  •   horrorcops  |   

    Good video. I really liked the point you made about people being grounded and facing the true reality using fruit based diet. Ive no idea why anyone would want to dry fast for 7 days thats got to be torture.

  •   HiFruityU  |   

    Thank you for this information. Hard to believe that people would do this to their body temple without the empowerment of knowledge. Scary! Pizza after fasting is too stupid! Video suggestion – soften that room you’re in. Maybe some fruits on the shelves or flowers. Your voice echoes in that stark, bare space. Love you outside, of course.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Thank you for the suggestion, next time I will put mangoes around all those shelves. Or get some durians, which are coming into season here in Thai ))

  •   grassrootsvegan  |   

    Well said.

  •   JonasSunshine  |   

    i was in Philly at Temple Beautiful with David Blume died

  •   Jon Fergus  |   

    This is my favorite video of your so far! Love it. 🙂

  •   Ian Jameson  |   

    I really like you,   and would like to meet you and Paul someday.      You are genuine and balanced in your perspective.     Namaste,     Ian

  •   jammatoonarmy  |   

    What do you mean I’m not a bear I’ve got all the koalafications!! 😉

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    That’s really funny, a great sense of humor!

  •   Angela Orecchio  |   

    Great video!

  •   mettabee  |   

    living things need to take in nourishment, why is this such a bad thing?? i don’t understand breatharians at all.

  •   LadyWoodoak  |   

    I would never do a dry fast, as you said without water you can’t flush out the toxins. Entering a fast after eating junk food? Juice fasting or at least a raw vegan diet the week leading up to a juice fast is recommended. I did a 10 day juice as before doing a water fast. Then I will break it with diluted fresh juice for a few days and after that solid fruits, people are mad to break it with junk food. Water fasting can be good if educated. I used a water fast to cure type 2 diabetes 🙂

  •   Bal Herrera  |   

    I have the video of Jasmuheen in my channel along with other breatharian claimants exposed, if someone is interested please feel free to watch them!

  •   taranimator  |   

    This is really fascinating! I appreciate your healthy perspective especially when you talked about your personal journey. It’s shocking to think people will actually treat their bodies this way.

  •   Jim Bob  |   

    Very clear and concise explanation. Thanks for making this. I just read about this woman who is practicing breatharianism and have been looking into what could possibly compel someone to believe and do such a thing. I don’t understand why they don’t want to eat in the first place. Metaphysical justification for a diet? Who knows…

  •   jimmybefree  |   

    I believe you that you had that experience. But to say that because of that experience you can now tell the “complete myth” of breatharianism is just bad math. It’s like saying if A does not equal B and B does not equal C then A must equal C. Just because Jazmuheen failed to demonstrate breatharianism and you went on a trek and saw inauthentic versions of the story does not mean there is no such thing.

  •   TRSII773852  |   

    because it is a gradual process

  •   mosquitinhozia  |   

    Great video, thanks for covering this topic.

  •   Денис Цыновкин  |   

    Good day, dear Julia, i’ve watched few of your vidoes with pleasure. Thanks for keeping people motivated. I happened to work as an interpreter at the first international breatherian congress which was held in Moscow in May 3-4. Two days in a row, 6 hours a day. A talk was given by Genesis, a Chinese woman from Germany, they run some university for those who are interested to transition to breatherianism. Also there were few Russian breathrians.

  •   Денис Цыновкин  |   

    I was there and there was no doubt (even though i used to doubt) that people actually don’t eat. A lot was said that it’s not whether you eat or not. This is an actual transition. If you need more find olga podorovskaya on Internet, she does online courses. Once again, i would like to emphasize that life without food is not a myth. And eating raw is a step towards it. Denis.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    We promote a raw food diet that is healthy and allows people to thrive on many levels and truly expand their potential. We respect our physical selves and always encourage others to do so.

  •   melissa o'callaghan  |   

    i can tell you for an absolutle face liveing in the state of anedia(brethie)is very real and is quite well recorded for thousands of years every single persone on the planet is a brethie most just lower there vibration with food becouse there have emotinal adictions and lack of info,what is the first thing you die with out air ,food,water …answer none of them it is the cosmic energy in the air and most in the community know jasmoheen is the bigest money makeing phony there is.

  •   melissa o'callaghan  |   

    keep doing your rearsearch i surgest genisis sunfire (a loveley black englishman) i personaly have eaten only enough food to fill 2 small dinner plates in the past 8 months and i feel amazing and medicaly i have impressed many doctors that have tested me for many things they freak out once you tell them how i got the results and every one comments how fantastic my eyes,hair ,skin and body lookand spiritualy my vibration is very pure as shown in aura phots dont talk of what you have not done yet.

  •   melissa o'callaghan  |   

    thank you some one who actualy knows the truth im almost a brethie and feel great.

  •   melissa o'callaghan  |   

    hello for me personaly i love the smell and taste of healthy food i just know we as humans do not need it onec you get in touch with your higher self and are haveing a decent amount of telepathic conversations with your higher self you can get the answers of your true origin that way till then keep diging if it exites you to do so nameste melissa.

  •   kinleyjones1  |   

    the only thing thats impossible is that which you THINK is impossible you can live a while without food you can live a while without water but try to live without air you need to educate yourself more before you make a uneducated fool out of your self

  •   brendan maloney  |   

    Sorry to tell u but if jasmuheen drinks tea and water she is not a breatharian.

  •   brendan maloney  |   

    Get to the point !

  •   HetemSenar  |   

    Excellent video, I can’t believe anyone could be deluded into thinking that they don’t need to eat.

  •   Srslyblack  |   

    Is it really a myth? just because most people can’t does not mean its impossible. All it takes is for 1 person, just 1 out of the 7 billion to be a true “breatharian” and that would make the impossible into something possible. I don’t like the idea of people sharing their believes on their OWN limitations and assuming it for others, do you? For those who feel they are on a similar path of evolution. Take a look at Jericho Sunfire.

  •   Srslyblack  |   

    lol I had to respond to this because I can’t let your comment get lost due to negative votes. thanks for your post. not sure about olga though, she charges 500euro for a skype conversation which might be ok but I feel it is a process that takes time and what you need to know can be found for free. as i mentioned on another post, Jericho Sunfire is who I would like people to know about.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    As we see it spiritual growth is all about your own inner evolution and not dependent on a certain physical act. We see our bodies as temples and treat them as such by giving them what nature has intended for them which is plant foods so we can thrive and help others to do so as well.

  •   n may  |   


  •   n may  |   

    Really enjoying your videos and passion!

  •   imprimaxes  |   

    I have been a breatherian for several years now, the secret is to to do it in short bursts preferably between 801010rv meals. I am now ready to give up breathing, in practice I up to more than 30 seconds without any air movement although I think it could lead to B12 deficiency long term … I’d welcome any tips on this aspect?

  •   JackHighlander  |   

    i see the memes from durianrider’s cult of sugar & logic fails are spreading rapidly & replicating themselves at an alarming rate.

  •   GENIUS99999992345678  |   

    I need my bread and butter and wheat thins and cheese-its and pastries and coffee and oatmeal and raisin cookies and other cookies and so on and so forth. Even coffee beans are roasted.

  •   schapadap  |   

    Why do you assume nature exists for us to consume? Why not let it live and grow as nature grows? You don’t trust that your creator will equip you with everything you need to survive and flourish? These are issues you need to ask yourself, because they are what holds you back.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Understanding how nature has design our physical human body a certain way (to eat plant foods) is far from assuming and is clear to see, if the person wants to and this is what we respect.

  •   schapadap  |   

    There is only one thing the body needs to do to survive. It is not eating, it is breathing. All other things the body can pull from its surroundings. The body produces 1.5 liters of saliva per day, which is more than enough to hydrate you. The only reason most people can’t dive into Breatharianism is because their bodies are filled with toxins from years of abuse. But when your energy is flowing more freely without blockages you have more energy than ever.

  •   David Hydock  |   

    that blue headband looks nice 🙂

  •   Christopher Clark Brown  |   

    Please view my video, “5 Reasons Why Wheat Might Be Bad For You.”

  •   Gil Bar-On  |   

    Wonderful!!! :-)It’s so great that you’ve made this video!It’s so importnat today you have no idea!!Thank you!!! 🙂

  •   brendan maloney  |   

    There are some true breatharians and there are some false breatharians. Welcome to duality planet earth.

  •   Batosai3591  |   

    We know what happens when living things lack nutrition. To assume anything else will happen is the definition of insanity. Also, please research the scientific method and learn how things become accepted as facts. Controlled, measurable, and REPRODUCIBLE are all words you should become familiar with. I’m not saying it’s impossible, as very nearly anything is possible. But would it really matter? That person would likely die without us (humans as a whole) ever benefiting from their uniqueness.

  •   myflesh10  |   

    Not many would know except the breatharian them self whether it’s being practiced or not. I mean maybe there are some witnesses to it, supposedly Hira Ratan Manek was witnessed fasting on only water for 411 days. I’ve met and did an intensive with Jasmuheen as well as Wiley brooks but that didn’t prove to me whether they are doing it or not. I always stay open to all possibilities though, ya know pleasant possibilities of which I consider living on air/light one of them. Open Mind, Open Heart

  •   myflesh10  |   

    Great video, at first I thought You were going to condemn the breatharian thing but instead you sorta reminded people to have some common sense and to actually witness whats happening as opposed to just idealizing, very good advice. Not negating the possibilities.

  •   Chris D  |   

    breatharianism aka concentration camp diet. brilliant!

  •   swifttiga  |   


  •   isay19v  |   

    why do u think u have a digestive system? i igree we can eat less and and maybe what we call food in actualy garbage that does not do our body any good,but why do we have such a complex digestive system then?this remains a mistery if poaple could just feed on energy from the sun.

    •   O  |   

      as girls grow breasts
      form follows function
      we according to the patterns generated
      and re generated
      define relatively speaking
      what functions are perceived as common norm
      which however nevertheless
      is highly subjective
      and we only see
      what we are attuned to
      and often connect
      with the reflections verifying our conclusions… as listening beyond pre assumptions….
      literally would blow our mind(ing) away…

      whatever seems solid and continuous
      is not different from the concelt of astral realms…truly… other than this is perception based upon a more entangled weave of conceptuality and seeming conflict and seeming repetition …attachements…
      reflecting rigidity and density
      and presenting change
      as destruction
      with the exception of luck…

      how real is the ocean in a dream
      its wetness
      its saltiness
      all in the frame of a bed

      cant trust the senses
      cant trust any concept
      while compassion still
      is an outstanding conceptual miracle

      if breasts grow
      and toddlers suddenly can stand 1.80meters tall…. and have hair grow in their face

      if someone can grow a cancer
      and heal cancer

      what do you think is not possible?

      form follows function

      and function resolved within the realization of the present

      the gift. now. whole. complete. perfect.

      dualistic sensory perception fades.
      urges fade. pictures dissolve
      into the transparency
      of omni potentiality.


  •   isay19v  |   

    nice video poeple like new and superhuman ideas and want to believe them problem is we don’t have a complex digestive system for nothing,we don’t assimilate minerals ,proteins,vitamins to build cells and mentain our body from the sun,we don’t manufacture enzymes for nothing if we feed on energy.if someone would be a spiritual beeing already it would be out of the human body for sure they are just not compatible together.

  •   isay19v  |   

    go easy on that sunfire guy,there is a video with him( sunfire in russia first time) or something like that.what happen to his teeth?he does not look healthy to me and he does not speak like a wise man so for me is clear this is another illusion we as a people suffer from;)

  •   metalheadofmadness  |   

    How can one “flush” out toxins on a dry fast? That sounds like an oxymoron to me. I drink at least two litres of water a day and it makes me thirsty just thinking about it! Our bodies are composed of so much water that even to go without water for one day can be dangerous, let alone seven. Those people just ain’t right in the head! lol

  •   LutzDerLurch  |   

    Well, it could be that there is one single Niche in a tiny Cave on Mt. Everest, where there just might be a pink Pixie. There could also be a finely made China Teapot in Orbit around the Sun, just a bit further out than Mars. We can’t see it, because we don’t have the Telescopes to do so. But Science and Reason don’t work that Way. We go with the Null-hypothesis until something is proven to be existing.

  •   LutzDerLurch  |   

    So far, there is no solid and testable evidence at all, that would show there are real Breatharians. Besides, all we know so far about How Life works and the human body, strongly indicates that Breatharianism is, well, Bullocks.

  •   LutzDerLurch  |   

    Saliva isnt just magically appearing from nilch.

  •   Kelsey Ahlgrim  |   

    Soooo, basically you’re saying this is a cool word for anorexics??

  •   Sheri Culver  |   

    Hello…what you say here is true…although you cannot hope to assume that you know everything about this. i believe a lot of them are fakes, but there ARE some, not ones you mentioned, but they actually ARE living on a different source of nourishment they have tapped into. 99 percent of people cannot do it, they will not be able to, but you should not judge 100 percent since you do not know!

  •   Daniel Noboru Umisedo  |   

    Yulia, you said met a called breatharian in Brazil. Thats OK. Next time in Brazil, try the “Portal Parvati” retirement, at São Lourenço, Minas Gerais, under the instruction of Oberom Silva. I’m sure they don’t serve pizza there.

  •   Akaima Samuelson  |   

    Thank you so much!!

  •   Rod Munch  |   

    Breatharianism is a fairy tale. No human in history has been able to live on air. Genesis Sunfire and all the others are frauds and fakes. They eats they drinks they lie. Do not pay these charlatans to do their ridiculous courses. Ask Genesis Sunfake to prove his claims and go under scientific conditions to prove it and see how he reacts.

  •   Madeleen Theron  |   

    I think that if being a Breatharian is for you, the Holy Spirit should lead/guide you to do that, which means that it will be possible for SOME PEOPLE. There are monks who have proved that food and drink is not necessary to live.

  •   Eva Wright  |   

    Very true concepts.

  •   Jean-pierre Matteï  |   

    To the Girl of that video….one day you will realize that you have EVERYTHING to learn !……..

  •   Steven Salsbury  |   

    *I apoligize in advance for the length!* I enjoy reading the different views, as long as they are presented respectfully on both sides. This topic is very new to all of us, and needs to be researched for many hours before coming to your conclusion, i feel. After years of study, I myself am on the side of “it’s possible”. Why? Because I have done the 21-day process, and have never felt better in my entire life then at the end of it. Mentally clear, super-flexible, naturally happy and very strong. Am I a “breatharian” now? No, because of social integration and the fact that I am married (my wife is vegan), so it just doesn’t make sense in my situation. I don’t ‘need’ to live as a breatharian, but i do know now that is it possible. Anyway, aren’t we in the business of evolution here? From technology to education et al. Energy to run our homes can come from coal, gas and oil but it can also come from sun, wind and water. Same with food. Energy to run our body can come from a variety of sources: our sun, the Earth, the trees, the air, fruits, vegetables etc… People who practice grounding or earthing get their energy from Mother Earth, Solarians get their energy from the sun. Breatharians get their energy from the “invisible universal energy” that is everywhere. Whatever floats your boat basically. There is no right or wrong here. The main point is “one’s belief system”. If you believe a hamburger is the best source of protein, then go for it. If not, then find something that suits you. The reason why some people die is because they have misunderstood the ‘food free process’ (the instructions) in some way. We shouldn’t blame the process or the authentic people who have spoken about it. If you go parachuting and forget to pull the chord, that’s your fault, not the instructors fault. And you can’t blame bungee jumping either. You do it as your own risk. Like someone said, ‘breatharianism / inedia’ has been practiced for eons according to religious/spiritual scriptures. The people who eat pizza etc…it’s obvious that isn’t the best way to do it, so yeah, I wouldn’t pay any attention to that group either. Any ‘breatharian’ who says ‘i can eat anything’, and goes and eats chicken would similarly be red-flagged also! In my humble opinion, Oberom is authentic. Sunfire is authentic. Jasmuheen (as much criticized as she is, i believe, is authentic), Zaniada from Russia is also, and there are more. Authentic means what? To me, it means the people’s intention to evolve are pure and they show us that we don’t need “traditional sources” of energy in order to live. Even if they have one glass of juice a week, or even a piece of fruit – I won’t jump in their face and say “you aren’t breatharian!” They are human, trying their best to live their destiny, just like you and me. If you are a vegan, and you slip one day and have a piece of milk chocolate, does that make you not a vegan anymore? Of course not, it means you are trying to live the best way you can. The totally awesome vibe of breatharianism is that it basically shatters society’s and the medical profession’s belief system that “we need food and water” to survive. No wonder everyone will say “B-Sh**!” I totally agree 99% of people will feel that it is. But the 1% who say the Earth is round – aha! I believe our body is self-sustainable. That we don’t have to put anything inside of it because it regulates itself – like a mini-Earth of sorts. A dry-fast means no water intake. The body produces its own liquid to rid toxins inside the body as it sees fit, safely without the need of herbs or the famous ‘detox kits’. The body is awesome and is very intelligent indeed. Remember, we are made of 60-80% water already, we don’t need to add to it. If necessary, it can pull water from the air through the skin. It also releases toxins through the skin as well. The main reason water is needed is for people who eat food. The extra water is needed to help the body flush out the excess food, which is when we get ‘thirsty’. You have to prepare your mind and body for years and years in order to successfully go through the 21 day process. I was raw food for 7 years or so, learned about the possibility to go food free, devoting about 2 years to that until intuition struck and the opportunity presented itself to try. I spoke with 2 authentic individuals through email, at no cost, who helped me through the process. It was very difficult indeed, but not impossible. In the end, like i mentioned, I had never felt more clear, light and free in my life. I was so calm also. Its great that RAWSOMEHEALTHY has made this video to warn people about this potentially dangerous path. Stay away from the misinformed ones. Thanks for speaking out about it, and making people aware of it. peace&bless

  •   T Young  |   


  •   T Young  |   


  •   claudia launer  |   

    Jas is aging . Living on Prana is not about starving is not to be dependent on food – body will be rebuilding and regenerating on much less food – food is not compatible to our bodies and if food consumed it will transform into light that is what is different about our new bodies .

  •   Basia Bracka  |   

    spleen chi…breatharian way has to be taken soon and practiced diligently for years. Energies always support us. But it is almost impossible to turn down active spleen chi, the attempts to do that bring huge harm to the body. Raw food in humid, cold, windy for person with a lot of dampness in the body is not suitable(checked by me:), however if a person practices yoga few hours every day (including pranayamas) it will work.friend does that she is doing very well. Now your body, don’t ignore it. Another lesson of love.

  •   Steven West  |   
  •   linphil57  |   

    I reckon that if you want to do this then do it. However if you start dreaming of food or feeling unwell then that’s your body’s way of letting you know what to do. If breatharianism is right and proper then how can people die from malnutrition? Yes we probably eat too much but our digestive system is there for a reason. Don’t diss the creator work….

  •   jefersonvilaede  |   

    misleading title

  •   lee supra  |   

    i have a question! why we think that takeing less food or being without food or eating raw food gives as something extraodinary? raw food makes woman man like!she will have man like strong voice and she thinks that she has find source of energy!but she simply makes his stomach stronger and soft hormonal side weaker!now what about who can live without food! they speak and think day by day only about that!partly they have became some sort of lunatic who have little or no contact with world anymore!this unnormal disbalance in character is their result!they dont live longer they dont look younger and if they partially ruin their character what is a point?what point is if i gain nothing?only side-effects!

  •   neuralkinetics  |   

    Its not a myth. You just dont understand how the body works. I’m starting to teach it on my youtube channel. In the process of developing animations for the physiology of how it is accomplished but if you’re smart you should be able to understand the principles as I’ve already explained them. peace

  •   forgotaboutbre  |   

    ?!?!?!?! MINUS intelligence points for presenting yourself as an authority of a subject you have little or no mastery of.Maybe make a new video “Breatharianism is not for me, my experiences”.

  •   bittenheroz  |   

    sounds like a bunch of hearsay to me…i thought there’d be some actual experience-based advice but this girl just regurgitates words…10 min you’ll never get back

  •   bittenheroz  |   

    people die of alcohol and chemical withdrawals every day…some people aren’t ready to quit the drug that is food

  •   GobbyRocks  |   

    What about Prahlad Jani? He was under close observation 24 hours a day for 10 days straight. Breatharian Prahlad Jani (No Food Nor Water For 10 Days)I believe Breatharianism is real and possible, but not everyone is ready. It’s about your level of consciousness. We are, after all, vibrational beings. Food is just vibration, everything is vibration. Nothing is impossible.

  •   Zet Syuk  |   

    you obviously don’t know Genesis Sunfire or any actual breatharian in real life. you just swallow the public breatharians who are put out there by disinformation agents to discredit the whole lifestyle. sad how gullible you are. you’re a hypocrite because you’re all for raw and against cooked food but you were once into cooked food. and don’t worry, you will go breatharian in one lifetime or another.

  •   3escaton  |   

    just cuz this isnt a model of reality for u, doesnt mean it is not for some… sorry, but this only shows you are not a tolerant person….

  •   Soi Wan  |   

    breatharian is like the ultimate top level of spirituality…one cannot think to become one overnight…it’s like being an uneducated garbage picker and trying to become the richest man in the world in one day. I think it’s possible for only a few who are willing to commit to it for many years as a journey, not a magic wand that will solve all the problems in one shot. also if they do eat sometimes, it’s not because they really need it, it might be just for the pleasure or because they forgot the effects of food on their bodies. I know that whenever I do a long fast, most times when I start to eat again, even if it’s watermelon, I can feel it takes a lot of energy to digest and I can feel heavy and tired after. it would also be extremely hard to do in a toxic environment without sunlight, pure spring water, plants, wild animals, all of those who in synergy contribute to nourish the vital prana energy.

  •   Boris Turk  |   

    Beeing naive doesn’t solve the breatharianism phenomena. You can be naive and believe one side that claims breatharianism is a myth, or you can be naive and believe the other side that claimes to practice breatharianism. You like to be blind and not see the other way of naivety?Do you know how exactly should ATP bring the energy into your body? Do you know in details? How deeply did you seek? Is this the only way the energy could have been released in your body? If your answer is yes, then I ask you again – Are you sure? Are you really sure, or for a sake of intelligence, there is a little doubt in you that sais “you can’t know a thing”?Meet Roy Maor. In his experiment he (so is said) managed to stay alive and also in good body form for 8 days without food and without water. Under the cameras all the time. The doctor of medicine was keeping an eye on him every day, testing his blood.Part 1.: Ray Maor – Breatharian \ Pranic 8 Days No Water (Part 1) TV Experiment – (Eng Sub)Part 2.: search for Prahlad Jani. Or maybe… watch the video from James Randi (James Randi Speaks: Powered by Sunlight), being full of sarcasm and then make a simple jujment that breatharianism is a complete myth. When I hear someone to say something so disputtable as Randi did (see the upper video), I know for fact he has nothing to do with science. Rawsomehealthy, I like your scepticism. I only wonder what you’ve ment by the title “The Complete Myth Of Breatharianism Exposed”… Are you saying there is no such thing as breatharianism, or are you saying there are many strange people, strange tests and othere strange things surrounding this phonomena?

  •   Jowee Thomspon  |   

    Breatharianism is a thing? Bwahahahaha!

  •   kajko168  |   

    Off course you are not a Koala… you are way cuter! Thanks for respecting my opinion 😉

  •   La Sonn  |   

    the video on jasmuheen did not prove that she ‘failed’. If the same tv
    crew recorded the detox symptoms of people starting a raw food diet, or
    doing a cleanse, they would have said the same or similar things about them
    — that their health was deteriorating, etc. Unfortunately, the crew had to
    stop filming her because they did not want to be liable in case something
    bad happened, they did not want to be accused of exploiting her condition
    for the sake of news reporting. Unless she is filmed nonstop, we will never
    know the ups and downs, healthwise, of a breatharian. Raw foodists go
    through a lot of ups and downs, too, that would be considered unhealthy by
    many in the mainstream. So that video on Jasmuheen is not conclusive and
    can’t be cited to make a case against her or breatharianism.

  •   Red Pill Philosophy (can you handle my videos?)  |   

    The deceptive part about your video, is that you focus strictly on the cases of breatharians who tried it and failed, and IGNORE those who have tried an succeeded. It’s quite deceptive, or ignorant, on your part.

  •   applecom1de  |   

    Hmmm, why don`t I trust you??

  •   Christine Salus  |   

    Bravo…what you say in this video is so great. Personally I do believe that true breatharianism IS possible, but there is a lot of BS out there too. You have a great filter. Thanks for sharing.

  •   dBraIneRb  |   

    U Have lack of knowledge. About how body and mind works and even who we
    really are. We are all one. I am piece or fractal if u want, of tree, sun,
    water, all matter et cetera… I am the Universe a the Universe is Me. Must
    the Universe eat? or Breathe? I dont think so. I dont need to eat or
    even breathe to survive and live. I dont need power of body or even body
    as such. Its all about consciousness. The Planets are connected to the
    Universal consciousness a they are on different or higher level of
    consciousness than we. But we can tune to that universal consciousness as
    well. Breatharianism is about controling own consciousness. The
    consciousness that is no different from trees, animals, planets, galaxies,
    the universe, and that’s because they all contain the same essenc, called
    as a god! HA thats the whole mystery. Eons back, we had body from pure
    energy(light body). And still We have a free will so u can change every
    aspect of your life. EVEN ! if someone thinks is dangerous or impossible.
    Mind is our best tool, for changing and braking the laws as we know. Its
    not impossible leavitate or doing psychokinesis. Each establishes its own
    boundaries. Namasté
    PS: sorry for my English

  •   dBraIneRb  |   

    Breatharian couple, parents of a breatharian child – Akahi & Camila

  •   Gan Nyaan  |   

    Preach !!!! If one more person dies from this , it’s on those who have been promoting this!

  •   amynta zoe  |   

    People are krazy!!!!!!! You need food to survive PERIODE.

  •   ScattySafari  |   

    This was on the Australian 60 minutes. You can see her epic fail here:

  •   WhenTheSkyTurnsDark  |   

    If all I drunk with a little bit of water, and nibbled on a chocolate biscuit every other day like Jasmuheen. I would be dead. Because your body needs vitamins and minerals that come from fruit, vegetables, grains and nuts that get their nutrients from the earth and soil. I especially get very very sick if I don’t get enough iron in my diet.If you say you are successful in completing this course and don’t desire to eat food, it usually means you really have damaged your body.One of those reasons is Kidney failure.I would get blood tests before and after, I would want to know exactly what this 7 day fast actually did to my body. If you go in it after eating well and cleansing your body slowly to start the 7 days of no eating or drinking, and you come out without any health issues then you must be very lucky.You only get one body people, if you screw up your kidneys, heart, liver and other organs because you are starving yourselves in hope of finding spiritual enlightenment. The line for organ transplants is long, and in some cases extremely expensive.You also open yourself up to catching illness and disease more easily because your immune system will be constantly down…And anorexia isn’t enlightening, it is a nuclear bomb that destroys not only the person but everyone who loves the person suffering from it.

  •   glen hansen  |   

    how anyone can believe you can survive without food or water is beyond me. why would you even want to? food and drink is one of lifes pleasures, whats the point in not eating and drinking? is it really so bad? even if you could survive on air alone, is it really going to lift your consciousness as high as someone who eats healthy? pfft…

  •   BlindPacemaker  |   

    Thank god, someone actually talking some sense. I’m not into the whole fasting thing myself, a bit too hippy for me (I don’t mean that in an insulting way, but i assume you know what I mean) but what you had to say here was spot on. I only just found out about breatharianism, and it’s dangerous. It’s unfortunate people are so susceptible to believing complete BS, and it’s nice to see people within this type of community standing up for common sense.

  •   Mathew Steward  |   

    I’m not a New Ager or guru. But I can tell you that I know how breatharism works. No body knows how to explain it properly and feel sorry for the people that don’t. because they look crazy. I know how it works scientifically. I’m not joking or nuts. If you really want to know please contact me. im shocked that nobody figured it out already.

  •   Mathew Steward  |   

    it has nothing to do with starvation. only idiots stop eating cold turkey.

  •   Victor Henriquez  |   

    I like your video a lot. The way you go to the basics, (that we are living
    in a natural world, within human bodies, which we need to take care of,
    according to natural laws), is more enlightening than most discourses I’ve
    heard from “enlightened” people.
    I think that good feelings grown and harvested in our inner gardens are a
    safer path to enlightenment than falling into altered states of
    consciousness due to extreme practices of nourishment deprivations.
    “Higher States of Consciousness” is not the same as “Altered States of
    Consciousness”. We need to be more “alert” about this simple fact.
    Thank you for your video!

  •   maitai  |   

    Really great video! Very informational and I loved the way you tackled this
    subject. I’ve subscribed! 🙂

  •   Fernanda Maier  |   

    How about questioning your own education around breatharianism? Would you
    be willing? – All you present here are your beliefs, nothing more and
    nothing less believing that you are presenting facts. Your lack of real
    research around Breatharianism deserves the name: heavily miss-educated.
    Check this interview and then let me know about what you really know about
    breatharianism: Jericho Sunfire – Understanding Breatharianism

  •   Mathew Steward  |   

    Breatharianism revealed
    watch to see the mechanics of breatharianism

  •   cla855  |   

    Omg, well said Yulia. Love your videos.

  •   Maximilian Vogt  |   

    This is the most opinionated and ignorant video i have watched in a long
    time. Breatharianism is a whole different lifestyle. It is not just
    starving yourself for a week, trying to prove to other people that you are
    one and that’s that.. The whole course is only about a week long, and from
    my experience, you are permitted to consume liquids in of any form other
    than alcoholic beverages, of course juices, tea and water are a better
    choice as it helps to speed up the detox process. What is detox you ask? It
    is a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body
    of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification. This does your body a lot
    of good as it this gets rid of any of the artificial and processed foods
    that you absorbs into your bloodstream prior to the one week detox period.
    This course is not just to starve yourself and think “hmmm, im a
    breatharian now!” But it is to raise you up to a understanding life on a
    higher frequency, giving out and exposing unconditional love for one
    another. It is a state of happiness and love regardless of your
    Yes, there is are a lot of fraudulent and fake groups that call themselves
    Breatharians, even the don’t even understand what it means to be one.
    You can believe what you want to believe, but that does not give you the
    right to make a video negatively portraying something that ‘YOU’ think is
    incorrect or false.
    So before you waste 10 minutes of your life watching a video providing very
    assertive view on a very new, very interesting lifestyle and frequency of
    living, dig deep and research this topic in depth to find out more.
    Unconditional love to all of you! 🙂

  •   Gypsy Moon  |   

    breatharianism is nothing more than starvation. it’s a glorified version of
    anorexia. the only difference is that instead of being driven to do this
    for mental or physical reasons their intention is supposedly “spiritual” or
    so they say, it’s such a copout…..
    The problem with most aspiring breatharians is that most are going about
    the whole process backwards. I believe that instead of fasting to reach
    new spiritual heights you already need to be at a certain spiritual level
    to succeed at fasting/breatharianism.

  •   Stella Deli  |   

    Breatharians fail to understand that when you simply eat raw plants, you’re
    eating sunlight. Photosynthesis people!

  •   Andrea K  |   

    Getting a summer breack out from school 😀

  •   Bistrica biciEL  |   

    Dumme Frau!!!

  •   LittleImpaler  |   

    The body needs a balance of proteins,vitamins minerals, and fats. Eating
    just raw food isn’t healthy either. Some cooked foods is necessary, for the
    human digest systems isn’t that of a animal.

  •   Trevor McIntosh  |   

    True breatharianism cannot be done on Earth, because we are destructing the
    Earth. If you wish to die by the way you will. Choosing to eat is choosing
    the fear that if you are empty you will die. Just another addiction, I
    experienced breatharianism, just not permanent like they wish. BECAUSE I
    felt the effects of the polluted AIR and the other wonderful crap around
    the Cincinnati area, like stress, and fear. It’s ridiculous, the world
    would have to start at once like make a world report about it and everyone
    just do it. It would be of your best interest though, it’s free and it’s
    love at it’s finest… That’s what I truly believe. We are supposed to be
    5th dimensional angels not some 3rd dimensional animal that starts war and
    breeds corruption. God is All, All is God, NOT 99%, only 100% and that is
    the most wonderful thing, we already got the life, so why pray, why not
    give up the possesion of the EARTH and just Appreciate that it creates
    beauty for us to love each other more and more. 🙂 Thanks guys.

  •   Curtis Jordan  |   

    @ Trevor McIntosh
    wtf are you smoking?

  •   tyler kimble  |   

    to the breatharians please point me to a case of some one living years with
    out food or water? you can fast all you want but eventually youll eat
    something and start the process over

  •   VXOP  |   

    this sounds pretentious to dismiss ” the complete” myth by meeeting two or
    three people and watching some mainstream media. There is a lot of
    interesting stuff about breatharianism, experiences, science and
    documentation that in my opinion invalidates the kind of conclusion exposed
    here. Of course breatharianism would be a threat to raw veganism and make
    it somehow obsolete. In another perspective, breatharianism does not seem a
    purpose by it self, but more a side effect of some elevation of

  •   SuperElitegamer123  |   

    Im going to the arsenal game with my mates.

  •   Scott S  |   

    No food or water for 7 days? Bullshit. You people are fucking crazy, out of
    your fucking minds

  •   Matt Reis  |   

    Jericho Sunfire says the transition should take 15 years or more to become
    a breatharian. And even then, some people might stop at the liquid stage
    and feel comfortable staying there. There is nothing inherently wrong with
    that. Different people are on different journeys. He is just as upset as
    you are about the bizarre things out there. Have you seen that “yogi zen”
    guy who claims to be a breatharian? It’s hilarious! lol.. There are
    mentally ill, narcissistic nut cases out there who put a lot of people in
    danger. But in a way they are doing a “good thing” by making people very
    critical about information and who to trust. It’s just sad that some people
    are dying in the process because they trust too much.

  •   stimp01  |   

    First, all of this sounds stupid. Secondly, how bout instead of standing
    there telling us a story, showing some proof of this debunking of
    Breathetarianism? Not that it’s real, because I think it’s dumb as fuck,
    but it’s even dumber to just take this waifs word about it…lol

  •   st0nedg0at  |   

    i eat raw cats

  •   Contonnia Turner  |   

    Drink ur Urine… Ur body will transform much faster that way and you won’t
    have to eat much at all…

  •   joedog 221  |   

    My First addiction was Anime

  •   Sarah Wilds  |   

    It does not serve you to fully investigate breatharianism as you would be
    out of business if you proved it to be true. Personally, I know five
    breatharians, several who have not eaten over 4, 5 and 12 years. To say it
    did not work for you is honest but to then debunk the entire lifestyle is
    simply uneducated and creating more confusion and turmoil around the
    subject. As the Buddha says: Find out for yourself.

  •   Bistrica biciEL  |   

    So dumme Frau!!!!

  •   Peter Dubinsky  |   

    Not that the recent ones have been bad, they’ve been great, just not as
    funny as some of the other games you’ve done is all

  •   bartul  |   

    I am also very skeptical about breatharianism but you can’t name this video
    ”exposed” since you didn’t expose anything. video you mentioned on
    jasmuheen however did expose her true face

  •   EyeWitness Infinity  |   

    The whole idea of breatharian is to bring awareness to the fact that we
    cannot live more than a few minutes without it when we bring our intention
    and attention to breathing we are fully in the moment so many think nothing
    of the breath and give all credit to so called nutrition.. the body is
    amazing and you can only know the body through action and experience..
    feeling and seeing is all there is in this reality. You cant learn your
    self through a book or anybody else only through your own action is it
    possible to fully know the truth.

  •   XxxCR1SPYxxX  |   

    It’s kind of weird how ppl are so judgmental towards somthing positive that
    they’ll never even try or research about because they are so scared of
    being wrong and can’t handle the truth why is it that somthing like
    breatharianism which doesn’t effect people in any negative way or even if
    its not real as so many ppl believe causes such a ruckus and pandemonium if
    it’s not real?? lol you ppl believe it’s not real, ok so you make a video
    and waste time commenting for some reason about fantasies lol little kids
    why ? You must hate being wrong…

  •   XxxCR1SPYxxX  |   

    Breatharianism isn’t the problem here it’s ppl not being educated. Guns
    don’t kill people the person pulling the trigger does and the gun isn’t
    going away or vanishing so…..what’s the need for the gun in the first
    place? There isn’t a need for one at all or any violence or ridicule at
    all. If breatharianism is not realistic it’s because you don’t know what
    reality actually is and if it’s not real you definitely don’t give it
    attention by making a video your just putting more fuel to the fire more
    confusion especially if isnt real but what if it is real and does actually
    work? Oh no now we needa kill this bitch right and ridicule her ? no that
    just causes more fire especially if you are unable to explain why someone
    or somthing is wrong or not right but what is right technically? That’s a
    whole other topic so breatharianism strings into other bigger more
    important topics of life it’s more complicated than oh hey im going to be a
    breatharian it takes time before you can build up the comprehension to
    understand breatharian health because most ppl are full of shit like
    cheetos and can’t even open their mind or think clear enough to accept it
    as a real thing it’s like ppls brains are being washed by unhealthiness
    constantly and are so unhealthy they don’t want to be healthy but there
    subconscious is screaming!! You idiot!! Breatharianism is real!!! Keep

  •   Jonathan C  |   

    Lol you realize there are people alive today who don’t eat or drink? You
    can talk to them. They are sincere and some of them have undergone
    scientific testing just for those hxc skeptics. Your opinion is an
    uninformed one. I implore you to research the topic more. Have a good day!

  •   burak bilgiç  |   

    ı love skrillex

  •   Stephen Dickens  |   

    You can eat far less and feel much better, but you can not live without
    eating. Many start fasting and then feel so much better, but then think if
    they take it further that they will then feel even more better. That is the
    flaw to it all, there is a sweet spot one can reach of optimum weight and
    health in relation to the amount of food one eats, and that feel good
    feeling, which can be gained by fasting or by a safer method of just eating
    less. But take it beyond that and it can become dangerous as one must eat,
    even if only a little. Eating less will help one reach that sweet spot if
    one is over weight, but never think you can survive without eating nothing
    period forever, nor try to least you harm your health or worse die.

  •   Obie Hive  |   

    nice story mamacita. could have been a lot shorter tho.

  •   Sherrice Sledge-Thomas  |   

    Thank you. You are so right. I believe Jerico Sunfire might be an
    exception, though.

  •   Valeska Rivera  |   

    You are your beliefs.

  •   zigster9999  |   

    Breatharianism = the new clickbait word for intermittent fasting. PS your
    accent is very cute.

  •   Scott Serson  |   

    I eat animals

  •   Niegel Hayles  |   

    what about the ones who survived and are breatharian for example Elitom Ben
    Yisrael’s, Elitom Ben Yisrael’s, Kirby De Lanerolle , just to mention a

  •   Niegel Hayles  |   

    what you are explaining is true but but only from the consciousness
    perspective that you are coming from. you are explaining one set of
    information from a different consciousness perspective.The key is to shift
    your vibration and density in your energetic body to be able to be
    sustained on a Breatharian or Solarian diet. If you are heavier you need
    denser matter to consume to satisfy the body or you will be hungry and
    loopy, irritable, lose weight. The list goes on and on . Its a personal
    journey and its not for every one. But as you evolve and lift your
    energetic body the easier it is to sustain and understand why the next
    stage in human evolution is sustaining itself without consuming another
    life form. Keep in mind many people still preach that a vegetarian diet
    isn’t healthy and that you do not get enough protein ,which is simply not
    true its just base on a set of information from one consciousness

  •   Teresa Krausel  |   

    Thanks for the information John. This seems doable for me. I have been
    trying to get more protein from smoothies I buy at the store or making my
    own. I never knew before just how many grams of protein I needed.

  •   heymisterderp  |   

    It’s their homeland.
    Palestine Quiz Time Everyone, the modern day nation of Palestine whose
    existence is being prevented by Israel was founded in 1948 by the same
    legal authority Israel was. Its borders were as drawn on the map in 1948
    that anyone with access to the internet can look up.
    All the rest of the answers to the stupid questions on this quiz ensue from

    Going back hundreds or thousands of years to find a basis for nationalism
    today? That’s Zionist straw through and through. Why would we even
    entertain it? This is the 21st century. There is no such thing as
    “birthright” to someone else’s land, what nonsense.

  •   Forest B.  |   

    Search for a man named Pralad Jani. He is a real breatharian.

  •   Forest B.  |   

    Please read Autobiography or a Yogi and also the Bible. There are people
    that can live without food. Just because there are charlatans out there
    does not means breatharianism is not possible.

  •   Oberom Silva  |   

    Fantastic! Fruts is the way! Peace is the way!

  •   Oneness Embraced  |   

    Everything could be possible. We are powerful beings.

  •   pbde1e  |   

    Hey jack, how did you get the mod to work? I just installed the game again,
    except the mod doesn’t seem to work. If you can help in any way it will be

  •   Bruce Finnie  |   


  •   kittymews caremalcustard  |   

    One cant Survive without food ..the body motor and all receptive functions
    will start to die off one will either faint without essential salts n
    minerals n ultimately Die..Any which ways , .. the way population is
    increasing ,n people who are Still having more than 1 kid — Are gonna be
    Responsible for Drying up the Natural Required Resources -Water , Food ,
    Timely Weather Changes , etccc n Ultimately lead to this State ..We will
    Perish due to Children producing people of the universe

  •   Kamal Mann  |   

    Lets take all these breatharians monitor them for 21 days straight and if
    they can survive and thrive in good health hail them a miracle …
    Otherwise let them starve for making such claims

  •   fiddlestickszz  |   

    bad audio echoe speech poor

  •   Lally Bhagwani  |   

    You have no idea what you are talking about ! Stop posting and telling
    people what they should or shouldn’t do, some people can do incredible
    things when they believe ! Breatharian state may not be good for you but is
    good for others ! Dont think for one second we are all the same because we
    are not ! We are different wonderfully different ! You have your way and we
    have ours !

  •   naujphantom  |   

    +Rawsomehealthy What about the documentary on breatharianism: ? I try to be skeptic but can the
    entire documentary be fake? I know there are fake documentaries but it
    doesn’t seem to be the case.

  •   Tamas Hobor  |   

    You lash out cause, you so want to keep up your (food)drug addiction.

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