My Vegan Pregnancy, Natural Birth And Breastfeeding Story

Vegan pregnancy, natural birth, and breastfeeding are all very special parts of a female journey. So today, I’m sharing my personal story with you.

Conceiving a child, going through a pregnancy, and experiencing natural birth is an absolutely life-changing experience.

Of course, you want to do the very best for yourself and your child and a very important aspect of becoming pregnant is to prepare yourself properly beforehand.

This means some six to nine months before conception you really need to cleanse your body (both the female and male).

So a healthy high-fruit low-fat raw vegan diet or high raw whole foods vegan plan, along with other health-promoting lifestyle factors is a must.

Vegan Pregnancy

Prior to my own vegan pregnancy, I was already following a high-carbohydrate/fruit-based raw vegan diet for four years.

This means that I lived on a diet that included fruits, vegetables, and some nuts and seeds – so a raw food diet.

This diet helped me heal my body and overcome long-term fertility issues without the need for taking any medications or drugs.

Throughout my whole pregnancy, I stayed on a fruit-based and raw-based vegan diet and led a very healthy and fit lifestyle, which you will see in my video today.

No swelling, morning sickness, backache, unhealthy weight gain, stretch marks, and bloating were experienced during my raw-based, vegan pregnancy.

I engaged in a lot of exercises during my pregnancy, which included cycling and running up to thirty-eight weeks, swimming up to the date I delivered my baby, weight lifting, yoga, Pilates, and aerobics.

I know a lot of conscious women are interested in a natural birth experience and it’s important to be as prepared as you can for it.

And of course, once you’ve gone through a vegan pregnancy and birth, there’s another hugely important stage – breastfeeding.

In my video today I share my vegan pregnancy, natural birth, and breastfeeding story and a lot of before and after pictures.

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