What We Ate On A High Carb Diet During Our Road Trip

We have been following a high-carb diet for well over a decade now and making sure we eat healthy at home but also while away traveling is very important to us.

We want to feel good and be healthy all the time eating high carb foods that allow us to be at our best.

A healthy high-carb diet should ideally include plenty of raw fruits and vegetables every day in your menu plan.

This means consuming a lower level of fat in your diet and reaping all the high carb diet benefits like healthy weight loss and maintenance, hormonal balance and gut health.

So as we were planning to travel to Nicaragua a Central American country, we wanted to make sure we would have the healthy foods we needed for our long weekend visit.

This means planning beforehand and taking with you as much healthy food as you can which typically should be high in calories and also be able to last the journey or at least until you get to your destination.

So in our video today we want to share with you our recent trip to Nicaragua and how our high carb diet that contains lots of raw fruits and vegetables is super easy to do and helps you stay young and vibrant.

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