Candida Before And After Stories: How To Heal Candida Eating Fruits And Carbs

Is it really possible to overcome Candida by eating lots of fruits and carbs?

The mainstream approach to healing a candida overgrowth when it comes to diet is to eat a high-fat one, like a Paleo or Keto diet, and so starve yourself of carbs.

Yet, we have come across many people over the years through our health coaching who have failed completely with this kind of approach.

Removing all or most of the carbs from your diet is a recipe for disaster not just with regards to healing your candida overgrowth but also your overall health and energy levels.

Cutting carbs can lead to constant sugar cravings and unhealthy food binges.

So what exactly is Candida?

Candida is a fungi that naturally live in and on your body.

But when Candida levels go out of balance, they can cause many health problems, including the breakdown of the wall of the intestine, which is also known as a leaky gut.

What causes Candida?

There are various reasons why you may have elevated levels of Candida, including:

• A diet that’s high in fat and animal products.
• Consuming a lot of alcohol.
• Taking oral contraceptives.
• A high-stress lifestyle.
• Taking antibiotics that killed too many of your friendly gut bacteria.
• One of the major reasons why people experience Candida and blood sugar-related issues is because of unhealthy diets that are high in fat.

How can I cure Candida … with fruit?

Your body needs to have plenty of carbs so it can obtain optimal health.

A healthy gut needs fiber and lots of it to feed your friendly gut bacteria, which not only allow you to have good gut health and so deal with a candida overgrowth, but also balance hormone levels, remove excess cholesterol, and have an optimally functioning immune system.

So in short, your body needs to have carbs in its diet and plenty of them.

In this video, I share three amazing before and after stories from our clients Brittney, Tina, and Jordyn.

In it, they talk about how they struggled to find an answer to their candida overgrowth problems until we helped them implement a high-carb diet that is abundant in fruit.

Think you can’t heal your body and a candida overgrowth on a diet full of fruit?

Well, neither did they until they tried it!

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