Why You Should Not Eat Too Much Dried Fruit On A Raw Vegan Diet

Eating dried fruits on a raw vegan diet and treating them as a staple may seem like a great idea but many raw vegans rely too heavily upon dried fruits.

In this video Yulia talks about why dried fruits are not as optimal as whole fresh fruits.

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24 thoughts on “Why You Should Not Eat Too Much Dried Fruit On A Raw Vegan Diet

  •   Bluemaschera  |   

    Hi! I’m wondering, what if you make a datorate? With dates and 1Liter or + of water?It’s not like dried fruit then, right?

  •   jammymommy  |   

    Could you please give us a number of dates that we shouldn’t exceed? (I have about six to nine a day).

  •   Marina  |   

    Thanks for the video. I agree.
    I have to admit that I am a fan of fresh dates (I don’t eat dried dates or any other fruit), although… I have to admit that I have a stomachache when I eat a lot of them – and they are so easy to be eaten a lot when they are fresh and juicy – not my fault 🙂 However, I think I found a way to eat them to be satisfied and at the same time they don’t stick to the teeth and are eliminated quite easily. So… here is my solution: I take out the seed and wrap the date into a green lettuce leaf. Oh – like a green candy! 🙂

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Hi Marina, dried dates and fresh dates are a great source of calories, however there are some drawbacks with dried dates. When we eat them, we also eat them with greens or cucumbers.

  •   Marina  |   

    *Or any other DRIED fruit.

  •   Lover4S3XIEE69  |   

    I would suggest soaking the dates in water beforehand and then make the Datorade the thing with dates and dried fruit is they are not high in water content so putting water in will make it a water rich food At least that is what I would think does that make sense? I would imagine that when dried fruits are in the body they are seeking water and takes it from the body which in turns dehydrates the body but if you are combating it by adding water to it beforehand it wont want to take anymore water

  •   brcage  |   

    Can’t you just re-hydrate the dates?and wouldn’t the polyphenols stop the sugars from turning into fat anyways?I’m just asking because im curious 🙂

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Yes, dried fruit needs to be soaked in water to rehydrate it or consumed with water. Regardless what we do with it, fresh and unprocessed fruit is always the best.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    brcage, please see the response to Lover4S3XIEE69 below.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Is the rest of the food that you eat is raw, whole and fresh, I don’t see a problem with adding this amount of dates to your smoothie. Still, do take care of your dental hygiene.

  •   Raw Future  |   

    I use dates in drink/shakes and I make date sirup, so I always use them with water.

  •   Vivek N  |   

    As a rule, consume a hand full of dry fruit/nut per day

  •   Kim Fortin  |   

    Thank you so much for this and explaining how with the lack of water, the bacteria are going to proliferate and how this can lead to dental issues.

  •   Organic Deli & Sweets Cypher  |   
  •   Natosha Miller  |   

    So in terms of 80/10/10 dried fruit won’t cause any weight gain and can be eaten with lots liquids. Would that be ok if your eating say 1pm raisins and alot water or fruit juice like 64 oz + along with it

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Just be aware of how many you eat (dried fruits) are typically calorically dense and very easy to overeat on. Use water with dried fruit as you do not want to have blood sugar spikes – adding fruit juice along with them (lack of fiber).

  •   Richard Bishop  |   

    Load of bollocks

  •   offwithurhead  |   

    Dried dates seem so convenient during school, what if I chug tons of water with them.

  •   moojeni  |   

    Just drink a lot of water before eating dried fruit, or just blend it into a smoothie. Also rinse your mouth with water after eating it. That’s it.

  •   Garterbelt Babe  |   

    When I eat cooked foods, I always feel much different than when I eat raw foods. I don’t feel refreshed and energized. Just full. I think it has a lot to do with hydration. Raw foods hydrate me and cooked foods dehydrate me. At least, that’s what it feels like and how one feels is important. Dried fruits don’t give me that heavy and dehydrated feeling but it may be mostly from the fact that I always drink plenty of water with them and rinse my mouth afterwards. Also, it may be partially mental as well, because I consider dried fruits as being healthier than cooked foods or most other “snack foods.” I also think of them in pretty much the same way I think of fresh fruits, which is that they are nourishing my body. I think additive-free dried fruit in moderation, especially as an alternative to the typical snack foods out there, are healthy.

  •   Lala B  |   

    I wonder why I only hear people talking about dried dates and not fresh
    dates. My understanding is that fresh dates are edible, so why not eat

  •   From the Root  |   

    Are fresh dates okay?

  •   Byron Mengel  |   

    Dates are almost always pasteurized and sweetened and very probably
    irradiated as well if imported. Not really a living food in my opinion

  •   Shafiq Patel  |   

    Non sense , making money from making shit

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