How They Rapidly Ended Their Daughter’s Asthma Nightmare

By Yulia Tarbath
When we lived in Vilcabamba in Ecuador, we met a very interesting family who had a beautiful 6-year-old daughter. Their daughter was suffering from asthma and at one stage they became very concerned about her health.
She started having more and more asthma attacks – literally one after another. She was constantly sick, lacked energy, suffered from flus and had difficulty sleeping. They saw over time how she was gradually getting weaker and weaker and so one day decided enough was enough. They had to take further action in a bid to try and solve the mystery of her deteriorating health.

They went to see many different specialists and tried many different treatments. Nothing seemed to be able to relieve her suffering and her parents felt they had exhausted all their options. After speaking once more to a mainstream medical doctor their only choice appeared to be putting her on medication for the rest of her life. That really was the last thing they wanted for their beloved child but what could they do. They really thought that they had explored all of the options available to them.

Well, they then chanced upon several alternative ways of healing, however even these didn’t really solve her overall health issues. And so they carried on the quest for that magic something that would allow their daughter a life free from ill health and a lifetime of taking medication.

They began studying information about people’s diets and in their search came across the raw vegan diet. They read testimonies of people who managed to restore not only their own health, but also the health of their children and all with the help of a raw vegan diet. They decided to give it a go and exclude the foods that they now thought could be adversely affecting the well-being of their daughter.

They removed all animal products, including dairy, fried foods and processed foods and switched to a whole-food, mostly raw vegan diet. Within just a few days of this dietary switch, their daughter’s asthma attacks stopped. And not only did they stop – they never returned, for as long as she continued to eating the high-raw vegan way. The moment they would introduce any animal products back into her diet, in any quantities, her asthma attacks would come back.  

When we met them in Ecuador, they had already been following a mostly raw and totally vegan, whole-food lifestyle for a good length of time. Their 6-year-old daughter’s health had been transformed and she no longer suffered from asthma, low energy levels and did not even suffer from bad colds or flus any more.

Their child was literally radiating health and absolutely loving their new chosen lifestyle. She said to us that she never wanted to go back to eating her old food as it made her sick. Their family gave her a lot of support during her dietary transition and really invested a lot of time into studying nutrition and information on how they can keep their daughter’s and their own diet, not only healthy but also  tasty and diverse.  

After hearing this inspirational story, we felt really happy for this family. They had managed to reverse the pains and suffering of their child and helped her to discover a completely new level of health with the aid of a primarily raw, vegan diet.

Asthma is just one of the diseases that many children suffer with around the world, along with type 2 diabetes, obesity, depression, ADD, ADHD, Autism, allergies, infections, eczema and psoriasis, colds and flus – the list goes on and on. These illnesses/diseases can all be managed or reversed completely through solid nutritional principles and with the aid of a raw/mostly raw, plant-based diet and a healthy lifestyle.
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  •   Janet K.  |   

    This is such a great article, I really enjoyed reading it. I know several parents who have children suffering from asthma and I look forward to sharing this story with them. Thanks again.

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