Come Grocery Shopping With Us – Frugivore For Healthy Hormones And A Lean Body

Want to discover what you can buy when you do grocery shopping on a frugivore diet?
Feeling great and staying healthy all year round is not difficult!
In fact, many people would be shocked at how easy it is to stay lean and fit by eating more fruit and healthy carbs!
Unfortunately, many people are often confused by what actually constitutes a ‘healthy diet’ and grocery shopping becomes challenging. 
They think that animal foods are needed for protein and that eating lots of fat is required for their hormones, but in truth, nothing could be further from the truth.
Whole foods, frugivore diet has helped us stay fit and active these last 12 years and have a healthy 7 year old daughter.
So in today’s video we wanted to take you to do grocery shopping with us on a frugivore, high carb, whole foods diet.


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    Do you happen to have a list of recipes or book for purhcase? What do you do in the off-season….especially in a non-tropical area? Thank you very much.

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