4 Years Fully Raw Vegan, 4 Years High Raw: My Body And Weight Changes

I’ve followed a fully raw vegan diet for 4 years and then switched to a high raw plan, which I’ve also been following for the last 4 years.

Most people switch to a raw foods lifestyle because they’ve got health issues to balance, weight to lose and energy levels to increase.

True, a raw food plan is an amazing tool for helping you cleanse and heal your body naturally. But how about a combination of raw and cooked vegan?

In today’s video, I talk about changes to my health, body and weight on a fully raw vegan lifestyle and then a high raw vegan lifestyle.

Before I switched to a healthy fully raw vegan lifestyle, I experienced digestive problems, hypoglycaemia (a pre-cursor to type 2 Diabetes), severe chronic fatigue, Candida overgrowth, hormonal and fertility issues, depression, severe food cravings, and was also 10 pounds overweight.

So a fully raw diet helped my body heal and rebalance itself naturally.

When I got pregnant, due to my appetite changes and the need for extra calories, I started eating a high raw vegan diet. How did this change things for me and what approach can work best for you? I cover it all in my video today.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  1. My personal healing, body and weight changes eating raw and high raw,
  2. What approach works best for restoring your health, including blood sugar related issues, autoimmune conditions and others,
  3. What approach works best for helping you maintain a healthy weight,
  4. Why some raw vegans and vegans can start experiencing issues with their energy levels and can even discover that they are deficient in something,
  5.  And more!

Leave your comments below!

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9 thoughts on “4 Years Fully Raw Vegan, 4 Years High Raw: My Body And Weight Changes

  •   Michelle P  |   

    I love being Raw, I struggled with it for five years, because I’d be raw for awhile and feel great and think oh I can add in a vegan plant based cooked thing for dinner. The day after just having Lentil soup I’d be eating anything and everything I used to that had made me so sick! I’m one of those bingers you spoke of. I called it an all or nothing personality, but I have learned that it came from my childhood, I don’t do well with in the middle or grey areas. I’ve been fully raw for almost ten months now(longest amount of time ever) and I feel great! Love your videos, thank you for all your support and encouragement!

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Thats great Michelle that your fully raw diet is working for you and thanks for you kind comments, we realy appreciated them!

  •   KaroAdC  |   

    Wonderful video, thank you. I would love to be able to eat cooked potatoes or sweat potatoes, but I get so bloated from that… So i stick to fully raw, but it’s not easy as a breast feeding mum. The only cooked stuff that doesn’t give me digestif issues is steamed swiss chard , green beans and other greens Karolina

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Karolina, exactly, you need to find what works for you!

      •   KaroAdC  |   

        Is Eleny (I hope I spell her name well) also having some cooked food? I’m just figuring out what would work best with my baby as well, She is breastfed and raw since birth, She craves spinach at the moment, it’s crazy, but she can’t eat it properly with just 3 teeth 🙂 it’s so fun, so I’m doing some purées as well for her (raw) even if we try to follow mostly BLW. How is it going for your daughter? How was your experience? I think that could be very valuable for some raw mums, there is not so much info out there.

        •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

          Sometimes Elanie will eat some sweet potatoes if we have some at dinner time for example but most of the time she eats raw. She has gone through phases of liking certain fruits and veggies but loves eating her food in general, so easy to feed her. She loves ice cream/smoothies at present with frozen bananas, carob and some flax/chia seeds and we like to add some greens as well. We always make sure to give her plenty of fat in the form of avocadoes, nuts or seeds/coconut flesh but we still watch to make sure she does not have too much as it can cause her constipation.

  •   melanie kolomyja  |   

    Thanks. New to the channel. I am very sick and depressed. CF, FM, depression, anxiety…etc. Rarely every leave the house. Extreme Anxiety and panic 24/7! Help!!!

  •   Joanie  |   

    This was an encouraging video to me because you are laying out the importance of learning what your body needs as opposed to following a prescribed percentage of raw foods. You do not downplay the importance of raw foods, even a high or all raw food diet while you present a balanced and realistic for everyone to apply and improve their health. That makes you trustworthy.
    I have health issues, an ill son whose care is often overwhelming, and another son who drags in all kinds of bad foods ( and suffering health issues) that tempt me on particularly difficult days. Trying to be fully raw in these circumstances is an invitation for failure. I have repeatedly failed trying to be fully raw and I tend to abandon it for a short while and try “something else” ( nothing else makes me feel as good, though). However, recently, I realized I needed to quit trying to climb the mountain and just shoot for a nice big hill by eating mostly raw, but allowing myself one cooked meal per day of real food, mostly potatoes. If I can maintain that, and I am about 99% sure I can because I actually enjoy eating raw all day and something cooked about 5, then I could experience feeling better to a much higher degree than I have doing what I had been doing. And if I can maintain it all week I believe that when the weekend rolls around and I am tempted ( he only does it on weekends ) by the smells of greasy pizza I will not want to throw away such progress.

    I am not looking for excuses, but encouragement to do the best I can for myself, mentally and physically where I am at right now. I am sure there are others out there hobbling along – feeling like they want to do this “raw thing”, but failing. I heard another raw food encourager say very few people will stay on a fully raw diet, as she has done. She was not judging, but admitting it is not easy for most people, so they don’t last. If this is true then what an opportunity you all have to help a whole lot of people at least stay committed to eating a lot of raw and real food and stay away from processed junk.
    Thank you for the video.

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Hi Joanie,

      Thank you very much for your comments! Yes, listening to what your body needs is very important and this is what we have found to be true over the years rather than sticking rigidly to one way of thinking. I think this approach serves well for many aspects of life including diet.

      There is no doubt that eating raw has many benefits to it, but like many things it is very easy to let the ego become attached to it and identify yourself as someone who is all raw rather than seeing and using it as a tool to serve you and better your life experience as appropriate to your own circumstance.

      We both eat a high raw diet now and understand that its not any particular aspect of your external self that defines who you are, including diet, but the sum of your life experience and how it shapes you inside as a person that truly counts.

      Diet is a very important factor in helping people elevate themselves to living a better more fulfilling life and this is why we promote a raw/high raw vegan diet for people and the planet. Blessings to you and your family!

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