30lbs Weight Loss On A Raw Food Diet With Before & After Photos

This is yet another amazing raw food weight loss before and after story.

Brittany Taylor talks about her journey on a high-carb/high-fruit raw vegan diet and how it helped her to achieve a 30lbs weight loss, as well as heal a bunch of health issues.

Brittany has now been on this lifestyle for 3 years and she is a vibrant example of a healthy raw foodists. She is energetic, passionate, athletic and positive.

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25 thoughts on “30lbs Weight Loss On A Raw Food Diet With Before & After Photos

  •   chippychic  |   

    You are both very inspiring. What I take from Britanny’s interview is true
    health… but using the word PLAY… living life and loving it and having
    fun is a big part of true health

  •   Analisa Bess  |   

    I like the vegan diet, but white people with dread locs make my skin crawl

  •   huang feihong  |   

    That’s was pretty cool at the end

  •   Nyne  |   

    Great video. You two look so happy.

  •   Michelle Archbell  |   

    Thank you both – glowing examples of health 🙂

  •   Brandon Pickup  |   

    Hey cool video! Great info and Great information!

  •   Kirsty starling  |   

    YEAH!!!! Great vid, very informative 🙂

  •   Rosannasfriend  |   

    Thanks for sharing. !

  •   FruitMonster  |   

    Play is so important for health and just enjoying life. It’s funny that I
    never see that childish playfulness except when I’m spending time with out
    fruit flies 🙂

  •   Virginia Vegan  |   

    Wow that clip at the end was amazing!!!

  •   RawFruitBasedLiving  |   

    Play and having a positive motivation for choosing a path of health for
    your life are definitely important, and I think they will lead to more
    sustainable change. Great video, and a lovely story!

  •   Debbie  |   

    Very inspiring! Makes me want to try it!

  •   Stacey Stoyanov  |   

    Oh man! What a great story! I love that because I eat cooked vegan with
    maybe 1/3 of the time raw meals, but was thinking to be high raw again as
    spring comes…hoping for more energy…this confirms!

    •   Xgal  |   

      Me too, I get hungry for something more than sugary sometimes. I still though make healthy choices,

  •   Jul ofDenial  |   

    Acro-yoga??? WOW, beautiful!!

  •   Mat Di'Plo  |   

    Hi I like your name like AWESOME and RAW mixed into one so creative – cool!
    I totally want to eat like you but I keep accidentally eating cooked rice –
    I tried eating rice raw by just swallowing it like when you put headache
    tables in your mouth and swallow it with water but it hurt my stomach and
    made me *phart* a lot by mistake. I even *pharted* in front of my
    colleagues and boss because of raw rice I was so embarrassed vid I totally
    liked this chick at work. Also I totally want to eat like you cos I hate
    washing fishes sfter eating and prefer to just throw my food in the
    dustbin. Any advice on how to move cooked food into raw like you is very
    appreciated. THANK YOU!

  •   Mat Di'Plo  |   

    I like this bob Marley hairstyle you have it suits you very much. do you
    like reggae music? I love soca music and totally love tropical fruit like
    coconuts and mangoes but my face is cherimoya and next persimmon – I wish I
    could eat them ALL DAY LONG but too expensive. Good hairstyle anyway like
    rapunzil right? I think you do travel vids also?? They were totally

  •   msmeg  |   

    How in the world do these people think that putting lye on your hair and
    matting it up into bunches is an attractive thing??? Guess what? You’re not
    black, and you don’t look good with dreadlocks! Looks absolutely
    ridiculous!!! Get your own style white people!!!

  •   orthodox eric  |   

    I smell patchouli. Im outta here.

  •   Samantha Vegan  |   

    I wish it were possible to come stay with you for a while to learn more!!
    You encourage me so much.

  •   Vegan Rawpublic  |   

    Wow!! I wish I could do that 🙂

  •   OldsXCool  |   

    Uh…..Brittany looked much better before. She had boobs, shape, and her
    face was much more filled in and she was actually kinda hot. Now she looks
    like she’s sick. You raw people have a warped sense of health and beauty.
    Both of you could use a cheeseburger.

  •   Melanie Addington  |   

    WOW! What a great transformation. Thanks for the video.

  •   Katrinka Bam  |   

    Wont I gain weight if I eat all the fruit and veggies raw I want? So scared

  •   FruitFlie  |   

    Very inspiring !

    To all the ignorant people saying you should not wear dreadlocks unless you are black make your own research and stop spreading lies. Dreadlocks are a part of alot of ancient cultures not only African. It comes from India to start with and have a spiritual meaning. White people’s hair too can dread naturally. People are free to wear whatever hairstyle they want.
    Peace xxx

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