Did A Vegan Diet Nearly Kill Angelina Jolie?

Angelina Jolie went on a vegan diet … only to claim that it nearly killed her and that she was not getting enough nutrition on it. She had to quit it and go back to eating steaks.

And that piece of news was a golden opportunity for the meat eating proponents to say that vegan diets are bad for you and you have to eat animal products or else you can face big health issues!

The biggest misconception held by many people regarding the eating of meat is that you have to have it in your diet to meet your body’s large protein requirement.

The World Health Organisation recommends that adults should consume around 5% of total calories as protein per day. How much protein do you get on a raw vegan diet, which is superior to a vegan diet and provides you with more nutrition? Well, typically between 5-7%, for as long as you are eating enough calories from fruits, greens and some nuts/seeds.

And I think it is important to mention once again that the meat eating population of the planet actually consumes too much protein in their diet as well as it being animal protein.

What happens to people who consume too much protein and consequently fat is that they will under eat on carbohydrates.

Binges, cravings, Candida and blood sugar related issues, acne, eczema, lack of energy and mental clarity – these are just some of the issues that not having enough healthy carbs in your diet can lead to.

Now, another claim is that plant foods don’t contain vitamin B12. True, they don’t. But a vitamin B12 deficiency can happen for a number of reasons, for example antibiotics, alcohol (alcohol damages the liver, so drinkers need more B12), smoking, food additives, and stress.

In fact, contrary to meat and dairy industry propaganda, meat-eaters are known to be just as likely to suffer with a vitamin B12 deficiency.

Then there is the vitamin D concern. Again, those who live in cold climates and don’t get enough sunshine are at risk of bumping into a vitamin D deficiency, regardless of what they eat. Sunny breaks in tropical climates, or vitamin D supplementation will help you to ensure that you get adequate vitamin D.

Can a vegan/raw vegan diet sabotage your health? Of course it can! If it is full of processed vegan foods, soy, high in fat, has a very unbalanced ratio of Omega 6 to 3, lacks carbs or is too low in calories, it can damage your health.

This is why it is so important to eat a high-carb and healthy raw or as much raw as possible vegan diet.

This diet really is the most delicious and nutritious, and just like it has helped countless numbers of people to lose weight, balance their health, get fit, energetic and healthy, it can help you too.

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65 thoughts on “Did A Vegan Diet Nearly Kill Angelina Jolie?

  •   Konstantin Kesper  |   


  •   Trytobehealthy  |   

    How long do you need to be on the sun and does it matter what time of the
    day you on the sun for getting enough vitamin D? I live in a colder place
    and it is winter right now. I am trying to be on the sun as much as posible
    and I’m hoping that is enough. And what about summer? Everyone says that
    you have to wear suncream to not get burned. Does the suncream affects
    getting vitamin D?
    Thanks for your answers!

  •   Bode Brooks  |   

    Great video 🙂

  •   Scott Saw  |   

    When I went vegan to begin with I actually did become really ill. I’m not
    sure whether it was just because it was a shocking change or because I
    didn’t plan my diet well enough but that is what happened. I was bed ridden
    for about a week or so. HOWEVER, last month I went vegan again after a
    slower more mindful transition and I have never felt better. I personally
    think any sudden change in diet can make you feel unwell, regardless of how
    healthy the diet you’re transitioning over to is.

  •   Rosannasfriend  |   

    This is the best video argument against those comments I often read online,
    especially who bemoan the lack of b12. Thank you so much.

  •   Elisabeth Dunham  |   

    She probably never made it through the detox phase. It can be tough and it
    takes guidance. She’s a huge fan of mainstream medicine so I’m sure she had
    all the wrong people whispering in her ear during her experiment. Not
    surprised! Sad that such a public figure is slamming the healthiest diet on
    the planet and supporting the environmentally disastrous beef industry with
    her words.

  •   RawFruitBasedLiving  |   

    Oh no, not again. More unnecessary bad rep for a plant-based diet. And
    amongst all of the increasing interest and info being spread on a vegan
    diet too. Well, clear, concise and logical rationale for why raw fruit and
    veggies are the way to go will ultimately shine through, literally. 😉 Nice

  •   Alnatureza  |   

    I really liked this video. Thank you for the info 😀

  •   Treestandsafety  |   

    Access to cooked carbs makes veganism practical..maybe Angie didn’t get

  •   kokomoinmyheart  |   

    re b12: a lot of people with celiac disease and other food allergies (like
    myself i have ibs, lactose and gluten intolerances (although the lactose is
    not problem since i am vegan anyhow, but my gut is completly ruined thanks
    to previous dairy and gluten consumption) have b12 problems. my doctor
    explained to me that b12 is processed in the same part of the gut that is
    affected by the allergies.

  •   MrsAishaFinnih  |   

    Brown rice, Pea protein and hemp together is a complete protein and is

  •   Lulu Pinelo  |   

    So so true! Thank You so much for sharing!!

  •   Lucille Femine  |   

    What do you think of starches? I’ve been on Starch Solution for a month and
    feel pretty good. However, I eat more nuts, fax seeds and avocados than

  •   Silvio Papak  |   


  •   Lazar Red Hot Bits  |   

    Animal is NOT protein. I eat BLOOD, FAT, LIVER… they are all nutritious!
    I dont even care about meat protein! You vegans are mentally ill from the
    lack of b12 …

  •   Ellie Wolfert  |   

    Angelina Jolie was just too toxic from so much meat eating… I wonder how
    much the meat industry paid her to propagate such a horrid lie!

  •   Ellie Wolfert  |   

    Thank for the video Julia, excellent!

  •   Ellie Wolfert  |   

    Like Dr. Robert Cassar says, “if you still need yo kill to live it’s
    because of the parasites in your body that are pulling you back into the
    dark side”

  •   Lee Sybrant  |   

    The only person who I EVER heard having a protein health problem was
    Marilyn Diamond who was a health guru I believe from the 70’s and 80’s. But
    I believe this was before we realized we do need some protein in our diet.
    Good video Yulia

  •   alex pukay  |   

    Veagn do have a problem with b 12. Other problems they have are vit d3 and
    alot of b vitamins. Dha and epa is also a problem for vegans so is
    magnesium. That’s why as a vegan I supplement these areas

  •   alex pukay  |   

    Also it is not always living in cold part of earth that vegan suffer from
    vit D deficiency. It’s is because vegans are low in cholesterol, and vit D
    is made from cholesterol. Cholesterol is not an enemy like the doctors want
    us to believe. And since alot of people have shot their glands down you
    body does not produce enough hormones cuz you don’t have animal sources of
    protein and fats and cholesterol to make your hormones and
    neurotransmitters. That’s just been my observations and experience

  •   alex pukay  |   

    I supplement rice protein for my neurotransmitters and eat plenty of fats
    for my glands to produce hormones.

  •   Jacquelyn M.  |   

    You said you live in the tropics. Where do you live?

  •   ecology1st  |   

    Angelina Jolie is an unconscious nut job! She’s doubly a nut job for having
    her breast removed as well on some completely unproven gene test. That’s
    what extreme stupidity will get you.

  •   TheWoodWitch  |   

    mmm some people that have several illness can sadly become deficient in
    protein and it can cause oedema in the feet and the legs, and this can be
    really painful for the individual that has this condition.

  •   Krista Farmer  |   

    Angelina has anorexia, and is still suffering. If is no wonder she felt
    even worse as a vegan, because she was definitely eating even less calories
    than she eats when eating meat. Her results on a plant-based diet should
    never be considered as typical, as she was not fuelling her body properly.

  •   Julie Crow  |   

    Good video, Yulia!

  •   Health glows  |   

    Hopefully Angie’s gonna see this. 🙂

  •   On a personal yet simple journey  |   

    all your videos are awesome. Thank you for taking the time to make them,
    they are truly life support for some of us striving to be HEalthy vegans!!

  •   Glenn Carr  |   

    Overconsumption of carbohydrates is the biggest problem with today’s modern
    diets, NOT under consumption. Since the 70’s, bad advice to consume less
    fat has persisted but in reality it is the removal of this macronutrient
    that leads to individuals overconsuming carbohydrates. The simple fact is
    that we now eat slightly less fat than we used to, similar amounts of
    protein and vastly more carbohydrates – the result? The obesity epidemic we
    see globally today. The claims that underconsumption of carbohydrates
    causes hormonal problems and blood sugar issues is COMPLETELY WRONG! Let me
    just reiterate that – COMPLETELY WRONG! +Rawsomehealthy , you have an
    opinion and that is fine but you should not pass this off as science
    because it completely lacks ANY scientific backing. Kindly explain to me
    and everyone else here why it is you believe that diets lower in
    carbohydrates cause blood sugar issues and hormonal imbalances? I will tell
    why I believe it not to be so:

    We evolved in a world where agriculture was not a normal part of life and
    as such would have had times of famine and feast. Days where we couldn’t
    get any food and then days when there was a glut of it. As such it only
    makes sense to understand that our evolution meant we would eat and fast at
    regular intervals. Scientific studies on fasting actually demonstrate how
    blood glucose levels remain pretty stable for 48 hours without food as our
    bodies convert stored glycogen into glucose ad hoc and as required by the
    body. It is only after this extended period that our glucose begins to
    gradually drop – a point where muscular atrophy becomes a risk as the body
    starts to catabolise itself to ensure glucose remains available. The reason
    our glucose remains stable for 48 hours is that during a fast, our insulin
    levels drop and our (muscle sparing) growth hormone levels soar. These two
    changes result in body fat becoming more and more available to use as
    energy (ketone bodies). The result is a better hormonal profile, stable
    blood glucose, increased fat mobilisation, reduced systemic inflammation,
    normalised blood pressure, increased insulin sensitivity and the firing up
    of a metabolic process that results in cell repair rather than cell
    division (anti-ageing) did I mention better cholesterol levels to boot?!!

    Only last week it was announced in the news that advice to eat low fat etc
    may have been wrong (here in the UK) yet there were still those arguing
    that high cholesterol was well linked with heart disease. Why is this? It’s
    due to a fundamental lack of understanding that dietary cholesterol
    consumption is very poorly linked to actual blood serum levels of it! Our
    livers can produce 400 times more cholesterol than we typically consume and
    there are individuals that eat a practically zero cholesterol diet yet have
    terribly high cholesterol! This fundamental lack of understanding has led
    us on a BS low fat dietary path and lack of understanding of just how
    essential fats are to our overall health. High cholesterol is caused by
    inflammation in the body from many factors (largely food and particularly
    processed food) and is the body’s way of patching up damage.

    I got 3 and a half minutes into your video before feeling the need to
    respond to your awful misinformation and serious lack of understanding
    about nutrition. The information you give is downright wrong and you should
    start your sentences with ‘in our opinion’. Anyhow, I will watch the rest
    of the video before hitting the ‘post’ button on my comment.

    One minute further in and more fanciful information on B12. Vegans are B12
    deficient because they hear about it THEN get tested yet were likely
    already B12 deficient on a non vegan diet is you claim. Lets examine that
    with the Framingham study shall we? Here are the results – 39% of omnivores
    are B12 deficient. 80% of vegans are deficient! The statistics say it all
    really. You can argue the toss however you like, the simple fact is that
    B12 deficiency in vegans is two times more prevalent! I will however agree
    with you that many meat eaters are also deficient but lets stick with the
    facts though. Twice as many vegans are – like it, don’t like it, that’s the
    way the numbers crunch.

    Agreed with the vitamin D hypothesis. D is synthesised in the skin by the
    action of sunlight on cholesterol.

    Fibre? A requirement? Tell it to the Inuit people of the world! It has been
    noted that the Inuit have crystal clear eyes (believed to be due to the
    high omega 3 content of their diet and its ability in stopping cholesterol
    build up in the iris) – fibre may be beneficial on the whole but the notion
    that we need quantities of it till we have bran falling out of our kitchens
    at home is again poorly conceived. It’s about balance. It’s about getting
    enough (which is none for the Inuit) for healthy bowel function PERIOD.

    OH DEAR! Vitamin C not found in meat? Again you have demonstrated a
    complete lack of nutritional knowledge here. Do take time out to look at
    the following page:


    Note the exceptionally high values of many nutrients found in liver for
    example. Vitamin C content blows that of apples or carrots out of the
    water. Historically it was believed that a diet devoid of fruits and
    vegetables would lead to scurvy yet this is proven wrong continually by the
    Inuit and has been shown many times through science. MEAT DOES CONTAIN

    As a final note, once again a vegan video that judges another ex vegan as
    having done it wrong! Somebody earlier referred to your type as VEGANAZIS
    and I thoroughly respect that view. You have no idea of what Angelina Jolie
    ate as a vegan and
    as such have no place to condemn her efforts as having been incorrect.
    Unless you can thoroughly demonstrate that her diet was incomplete because
    of X,Y and Z then you should reserve your opinions and really keep them to
    yourself. The most amazing part about your video I find are the ratio of
    likes to dislikes. Maybe because you come across nice and say things that
    many vegans want to hear (no doubt your primary audience). Sadly, the level
    of misinformation you are actually portraying here leaves me no option but
    to be one of two that hit the thumbs down button. Here is another example
    of the kind of individual you are happy to categorically state must have
    done the vegan diet wrong:

    I suggest you watch her and note just how hard she tried to remain vegan.
    This is the case for many failed vegans yet you easily judge them and think
    you know better. You should really hang your head in shame. The fact is
    that many ex vegans could not keep their health on a plant based diet NO
    MATTER WHAT THEY TRIED. If you could only get that and be more constructive
    in trying to help them I would respect you considerably more. For those ex
    vegans out there that suffered Jolie’s woes or are currently going through
    a health crisis, have a look at http://www.rawfoodsos.com – a site written by
    Denise Minger that is intended to assist you in a vegan diet and to address
    any health issues you may face.

    Kindly re-evaluate the poor information you have given in this video. Your
    ‘advice’ could lead to an ill vegan forcing themselves to remain on a diet
    that is damaging them because they will feel they have done something wrong
    or are doing something wrong. The extra time on the diet could lead to
    serious health issues and if your advice leads to this then you have to
    bare the brunt of the responsibility. Do you really want that

    Finally (again) – for those on a vegan diet or wanting to go vegan, check
    out this site which is designed to help you remain healthy and to
    understand what the pitfalls are and how to avoid them:


  •   Julia Bernard  |   

    This video is really informative. I was on a high protein low carb diet and
    I did lose a lot of weight but I also have hormonal problems. I hope that
    vegan diet will help me. I havent gone raw yet but I might try one day 🙂

  •   Elizabeth Morgan  |   

    That was a fantastic video, everything you said was helpful. Thank you. <3
    I feel bad for Angelina Jolie, she shouldn't be listening to those meat and
    dairy industries, that are destroying people's health. 🙁

  •   Vegandragon  |   

    Angelina Joli is FOS she probably got paid to do it by the meat industry
    knowing her, I have been vegan for over a year now and am the fittest and
    healthiest i’ve ever been.

  •   Tanya Bucci  |   

    Daily requirements of protein: 0.8 grams of protein per 2.2 kilograms

    Using a 150 pound person as an example:
    150 pounds = 68 kilograms
    68 kilograms * .80 gram/kilogram = 55 grams
    Thus, about 55 grams of protein per day. This is just 220 calories from
    protein per day (one gram of protein has 4 calories). Hence, protein should
    only be about 10-15% of diet. High protein diets are deadly.

  •   pei  |   

    Or she had an eating disorder?

  •   Crystal Estrada  |   

    Which diet do you follow? And which is the difference between vegan, raw
    etc? Thank you! 🙂

  •   Crystal Estrada  |   

    I dont know which diet is better for me..is a lot issues whit this. Just I
    think you cand do everything with moderation. Meats, fruts, veggies etc. Of
    course not junk food.

  •   MsShade77  |   

    Truth is that what is good to another isn’t good to everyone. I’m not
    saying being vegan is bad or eating meat is bad. I’m sure Angie’s chef knew
    where to get better meat or mainly fish and chicken which aren’t so high
    I have to mention that my friends whose are been their whole lives vegan
    are both going through cancer. Never should say that vegans can’t get
    cancer. Their mom is now so afraid to them and blaming herself that she
    raised them vegan. It’s hard but being vegan isn’t answer to everyone.

  •   Alice Nyysti  |   

    Kwashiorkor = protein defiency, of which tons of people have died….

  •   Carmen Fahlmann  |   

    I wonder, how long she tried to find out, “it almost killed” her. One day?
    Or even two??

  •   Cynthia Smith  |   

    It’s just like the calcium thing : I don’t drink a single drop of cow’s
    milk, or eat any cheese, and my calcium levels are great at age 47.

  •   Stephanie Jones  |   

    Great video! You are gorgeous!

  •   Jody Ramsay  |   

    i don’t think angelina ate at all, she’s always looked anorexic

  •   Richard Pallas  |   

    There is a food called nutritional yeast that is often fortified with B12.
    But the cheapest way to get B12 is with pills.

  •   Richard Pallas  |   

    You can eat nuts, seeds, or seitan for protein, but the easiest way to get
    protein for me is to put a scoop of rice protein or hemp protein into each
    smoothie I make.

  •   Amy Snyder  |   

    Such a great video. Thanks for all the great information 🙂

  •   Angela Yablonski  |   

    She suffers from not eating because of a guilty feeling from seeing so much
    war torn malnutrition and disease around the world

  •   Lisa Paponetti  |   

    Thank you Yulia for doing this video. You are correct that any diet, done
    incorrectly can have negative results. It’s too bad that Anjolina Jolie
    blamed the raw vegan diet for the failure when she probably wasn’t eating
    enough calories. Thanks for setting the record straight. BTW, you look
    very healthy so you are a great example of just how healthy a raw vegan
    diet can be when done properly.

  •   Evia de Lilás  |   

    I hope that the magnificent creature, Angelina, will adjust and learn about
    this diet, hehe

  •   claudia launer  |   

    she is wamp so without steak and wine transition is difficult she would
    have to replace her plasma with red beet juicing slowly then do a lot of
    greens for chlorophyll for many reasons .. So 2 years as transitional

  •   Jessie Chelliah  |   

    Please people understand the basic need of our body. We need to have meat
    protein in our diet. Don’t go for all this fad diet. Vegetable is good but
    its not the only food group that you need. Pls, its even stated in the
    BIble.. It will come to a time that they will abstain you from eating meat.
    Its the lie of the devil. Open up to the truth.

  •   paul durey  |   

    As well as being full of great info
    Thanks for the vid

  •   inculoasorata  |   

    Who the hell are you to speak on behalf of another persons personal
    experience on a vegan diet? Why do vegans always feel the need to explain
    why everybody else who is not a vegan is either ignorant of proper
    nutrition or just is always doing it wrong. If something works for you,
    great keep doing it, but for God’s sake stop pontificating and get off your
    “Holier than thou” attitude. It has become obnoxious. Learn to respect
    other peoples opinions and lifestyles!!

  •   Fruitarian1.com  |   

    very well said …
    Thanks for your care and share 🙂

  •   Ludo  |   

    You are really wrong about her…How can you suppose what she’d done? Were
    you following her every day of her life to know exactly what was wrong? The
    answer is no….so you can only judge as everybody can…You don’t have the
    answer of what was wrong with her…
    Plus, She said in an interview that her vegan diet was about 70% carbs and
    30% protein wich is a law fat diet ! Guess what?? After following that diet
    she was looking like your husband !! So skinny that she was looking sick
    and was nearly dying…Do i have to think that your husband is in caloric
    restriction?? because he looks like he is…sorry, this is true, he really
    suffers from lack of nutrients, he looks malnourished !
    We need fat and protein much more than carbs !
    There is essentials fatty acids and essentials amino acids that the body
    cannot produce, that’s why we need to eat them from animals….I said
    “need” !
    We were mostly frugivores more than 4 millions years ago (we ate insect,
    worms, little animals, birds, eggs…) but we evolved by eating fat and
    meat from animals, this is the fat that made our brain developped and
    doubled in size, and since now we are obliged to eat animals, no matter
    what you could think….

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    lenka matejikova Sorry that I could not reply directly to your post.
    Organic is always the best to aim for if at all possible, especially with
    greens. Unfortunately we cannot say for sure that the fruits/veg that we
    eat are nutrient rich so the addition of something like barley grass juice
    powder can be a good idea.

  •   Hannah Mary Lennox  |   

    As far as I know, Angelina was born in a Vegan Family and raised Vegan by
    her mother. She was an inspiration to me because of that but now I guess
    not. I think she was paid to say that….

  •   Ikhsan Ks  |   

    Why are meat industries are promoting their raw meats supplies with the
    protein propaganda ?? there always a lot of demand for raw meat in the
    global market. That’s like you’re saying the gas diggers are promoting the
    crude oil to consumers that’s just doesnt make any sense.

  •   Sarah Knight  |   

    How do you consume nuts and seeds do you eat them whole or soak them first?
    How much for protein do you recomed a day for strong skin and keeping
    muscles in shape? Great video thanks!

  •   peacerebelgirl  |   

    jolie is the preferred mouthpiece for the establishment. the kony 2012 lie
    to extract minerals from the region, removal of breasts and ovaries for
    cancer prevention, and the selfish, ignorant promotion of eating animals
    for health.

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